The 10 Best Sit and Stand Stroller of 2021 Reviews

sit and stand stroller

Gone are the days when the younger baby would enjoy a ride on the sidewalk, sitting or reclining in the Stroller while the elder one would be either walking or be carried in the arm of their parents.

Best Sit and Stand Stroller 2021: Thanks to the latest sit and stand strollers, both siblings can be accommodated at the same time with ease. A sit-and-stand stroller looks like a regular stroller. Just that in addition to the stroller seat a rear bench or platform is attached to the Stroller.

1 – Baby Jogger City Select LUX Sit and Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Sit and Stand Strollers
Baby Jogger City Select LUX Sit and Strollers

As your family grows, you might wish your stroller to grow too. It sounds too good to be true but the Baby jogger city select lux stroller is capable of growing just as your family can grow.

Because this city select stroller can simply grow into a double stroller from a single one. If you want to make it a triple by adding a glider board then that is also possible with Baby jogger city select lux stroller. Therefore, it is always ready for any adventure your family is going to come up with.

Wondering why choose Baby jogger city select lux stroller?

Reversible seats:

Baby jogger city select lux stroller comes with reversible seats. As a result, you can make your baby sit exactly the way you wish to for the convenience of both you and your baby.

Sibling facing, front-facing, or parent facing, all of these are possible now with the reversible seats.

Easy to transport, store, and carry with compact size when folded:

Parents who often travel around need compact size stroller for easy carrying. And Baby jogger city select lux stroller provides double stroller amenities when it is at work and yet it takes a compact shape when folded so that you can easily carry it and put it in the back of your car.

When folded, it becomes 30% smaller compared to the city select. Its seat remains clean because when you fold it, it folds inward.

Baby jogger city select lux stroller comes with an auto-lock system. So you can easily transport, carry, or store it.

More riding options and more convenience :

Baby jogger city select lux stroller has overall 20 riding options. That means it has the most riding options compared to any other baby jogger stroller.

If you want to accommodate up to two children of different ages then you have the bench seat option. You can also add a bassinet and an infant car seat.

The bench seat option is suitable for older children because it can carry up to 65lb. The stroller seat can carry children up to 45lb. Baby jogger city select lux stroller also has a 5-point harness which ensures 100% safety and security for your little one.

The suspension system is all-wheel in Baby jogger city select lux stroller. And the deceleration hand-braking of this stroller along with all-wheel suspensions offers super safe and comfort in riding around the neighborhood. These features ensure more control.

All these features together give Baby jogger city select lux stroller 25% more riding option compared to city select.


Accessories for strollers are highly essential for simplifying your life. Accessorizing your stroller is a form of self-care. As the baby stroller has become your family vehicle, you can also use it to your advantage with a phone holder, blankets, snacks, and many more.

You can accessorize your Baby jogger city select lux stroller with a glider board, extra seat kit, bench seat, car seat adapter, belly bar, parent cup holder, child tray, bassinet kit, and many more.

Each of these accessories comes with more convenience for you. You can modify the stroller with these accessories based on your needs and preference to have 100% advantages.


 Baby jogger city select lux stroller has an overall 20 riding configurations. Sibling facing, front-facing, or parent facing reversible seats. You can transform it into a double stroller from a single one.

Still, it takes a compact shape when folded. It has an automatic locking system and an inward folding system for keeping itself clean. To ensure 100% safety and security, it has an all-wheel suspension with the latest braking technology and a 5-point harness.

Key features: 

  • Single to double and double to triple conversion system.
  • More than 20 riding configurations.
  • All-terrain wheels with all-wheel suspensions.
  • Decelerating brake and flip flop parking brake.
  • Compact fold, reversible seats, auto-lock, inward folding.
  • 20% more riding options and 30% smaller compact fold compared to City Select.

 Quick overview:

  • Lightweight wheels are yet durable. Increased comfort and control in any terrain with all wheel-suspension and front swivel lock.
  • Convenience for users with different heights with adjustable telescoping handlebar.
  • UV50+ canopy extended version for keeping your baby safe from the UV ray of the sun. And a quick view system (peek-a-boo window) for parents with magnetic closure.
  • Hand-operated braking system. Flip flop braking for parking and deceleration braking for slowing down instantly. All in one control.
  • 5 point stroller harness to keep the little one secure and safe.
  • The stroller seat can hold a child up to 45lb and the bench seat can hold up to 65lb (suitable for older children).
  • Integrated seatback pockets for keeping extra essentials.
  • Easily accessible big-size storage basket.
  • Adjustable calf support for ensuring baby’s comfort.
  • Multi-position reclining seats but both seats need to face forward when used as double.
  • Easily customization system for different accessories.

2 – CYBEX Gazelle S Sit and Stand Stroller

CYBEX Gazelle S Sit and Stand Stroller
CYBEX Gazelle S Sit and Stand Stroller


Finding the right stroller for your infant or toddler can be quite difficult. Because there are so many options out there with so many features and configurations. Therefore, if you do not have detailed knowledge about their features and how they can benefit you, then you will not be able to find the most suitable stroller for you. That’s why let us dive deep today into the world of CYBEX and see what CYBEX Gazelle S Stroller has to offer in detail.

What makes gazelle s Sit and Stand strollers such a great option you might ask?

For one it is a modular sit and double stroller for infants and toddlers. If you have two kids then this is quite suitable for you to handle both the kids when you are out roaming around with peace.

It also includes a detachable shopping basket that can be quite useful when you need to shop. Running errands is something we cannot run from.

It is a thing that we must do every once in a while. And we know how difficult it can be while taking care of two kids. This is why the detachable shopping basket of CYBEX Gazelle S Stroller comes to your rescue.

You can simply attach it when you are going shopping or detach it when you are heading out for running or take a walk in the park just to breathe the fresh air with your children.

Taking care of two kids at the same time is a quite complex task even for the best parents out there. And exploring the outside world while having this task at hand makes it even harder.

But CYBEX Gazelle S Stroller can make this happen for you by offering you advantages with these amazing features.

People often have a bad shopping experience when they are out there shopping with their children.

Shopping can be hard with all the list of things to buy, paying for them and carrying them when you are also looking out for one or two kids at the same time.

But Gazelle S double stroller solves this problem because it comes with a complimentary detachable shopping basket that can hold quite a lot for a stroller shopping basket, and a massive stroller basket with a combined 50 lb. capacity.

3 – CYBEX Gazelle S Sit and Strollers, Moduler double stroller.

CYBEX Gazelle S Sit and Strollers, Moduler double stroller
CYBEX Gazelle S Sit and Strollers, Moduler double stroller

This makes the Gazelle S the ideal companion for you whether you are shopping in the local market or the city center. It will offer you the full freedom and fun of shopping with your children.

Carrying all your essentials and shopping on your small trip around the town with your children will be much easier now.

You can attach a great different combination of seat units like Gazelle S Cots or CYBEX infant car seats for more amenities. Gazelle S double stroller comes with a seat unit that can hold up to infants 6 months and older.

It is fully compatible as well with all CYBEX car seats and the Gazelle S Cot. The double stroller’s ergonomic near-flat positions allow for naps on the go, and the front-facing ride position lets your little child explore the world along with you.

The Gazelle S can be converted to a double stroller by adding the additional CYBEX infant or toddler seats or Gazelle S Cots with CYBEX adaptors. This is how the Gazelle S Stroller grows with you and your family, offering amazing features for your convenience.


Add CYBEX stroller accessories like snack trays, cup holders which are useful for both of you. Kid Boards for older children to fully customize your ride and tweak it however you like.

Kid boards make it so much easier for you to shuttle both kids across the town. Walking is healthy and it is necessary for the proper growth of children. Kids cannot engage themselves in heavy lifting workouts because of their age.

This is why walking is a great option for kids to stay healthy and fit burning some calories. And you can let your kid take a walk with you and when he is too tired to walk, the kid board is the accessory that you will need.

The four-wheel design offers an easy folding system. After you fold your four-wheel stroller, it takes less storage. It is a great choice for parents who often travel around.

You can simply put it in the trunk of your car and there will still be space available for you to storage other things. They are also light in weight.

The double stroller’s four-wheel design allows it for easy maneuverability around the town. Four-wheel strollers offer more stability compared to three-wheel strollers.

You will have less chance of stripping over with Gazelle S Cots or CYBEX because its four wheels distribute the weight evenly.


With over 20 different available configurations to mess around with, your Gazelle S can keep everyone and everything riding in style and comfort. No matter how long the trip is.

With over 20+ configurations that is quite the unique feat, fold’s flat for easy storage and that is the best part about this stroller.

In single mode, you can mount a cot and a car seat on its frame to carry one child. If you want to carry your daily essentials then you can simply attach the shopping basket and shop all you want.

In sibling mode, you can replace the shopping basket with another cot and another seat for many riding combinations. There is also a twin mode for twin babies. In twin mode, both the babies can enjoy the same level of comfort while traveling.

Compact fold, All in one modular system, two shopping baskets, Sun canopy, and Ergonomic lie-flat position together make CYBEX Gazelle S Stroller a combination that offers endless opportunities.

Key Features

  • Big City Shopper. The Gazelle S stroller features a detachable shopping basket, and also a huge stroller basket for a combined capacity of 50 lbs. You can visit the weekly market or city center with ease, with all the room for all your kids’ essentials.
  • 20+ Configurations. This stroller grows with you and your family, it can support over 20 configurations of seats, cots, or any CYBEX infant car seats. Its ergonomic near-flat position makes it a perfect napping spot on the go or adjusts for a front-facing ride.
  • Compact Fold. Featuring a four-wheel design which is quite good for easy strolling and clean turns. The Gazelle S is a breeze to navigate when you’re out in the town doing chores or shopping along with your kids. It is compatible with CYBEX car seats. A compact fold allows for easy storage in most trunks.
  • Grows with You. The Gazelle S Sit and Stand Strollers include a seat unit that can be used also with infants 6 months+. Any CYBEX-made infant car seat or the Gazelle S Cot which is also sold separately can be attached for newborns. And the Sibling Mode allows it to be combined with different combos of seats, cots, and infant car seats.
  • Stroller Accessories. Customize your Gazelle S with an optional second CYBEX seat or a new kid-board, allowing a third child to stand and ride. Fully customize your ride with accessories like the CYBEX-made snack trays, cup holders, or a parasol.

4 – Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller


When it comes to affordable strollers, you often get what you pay for more durable and higher quality.

Models with high-price tags tend to have greater quality, better suspension, and are more durable, but that’s not always the case. Not all strollers are equipped with everything you probably will be looking out for. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller is the best affordable with a flexible infant travel system, versatility, and car seat transfers.

The Joovy Caboose Graphite is probably the most lightweight, compact, and efficient double stroller. Designed for two children of different ages. It is preferred by parents for its practicality.

With new upgraded features, it will surely be to your liking. The Caboose Graphite Stand empowers the older children by giving them a choice to stand or they can sit while strolling.


The Caboose Ultralight’s design has been quite improved over the years and with a new graphite-colored aluminum frame, and it is 10% lighter than the previous Ultralight model. At 22lbs. fully configured, it is even lighter than some of the single strollers out in the market.


The Caboose Ultralight Graphite has a new rear canopy attachment that provides shade for the child sitting in the back as well. The new parent tray that is included in the parent organizer also holds two beverages which are quite convenient and has a convenient zippered pocket for keys, phone, or your wallet.

A universal infant car seat adapter is also included and fits most car seats that are available on the market. This handy accessory converts the stroller into a travel system, allowing the older children to stand on the rear stand-on platform.

Storage Basket

The storage basket is there for an ample amount of storage, which can be used for diaper bags. Sealed ball-bearing wheels provide superb maneuverability and the 4-wheel suspension makes it for a smooth joyful ride.


The linked rear parking brake adds an extra layer of security when the stroller is parked. In addition, the Caboose Ultralight has the most compact fold out of all the double strollers out in the market.

If your children are 2 years older or younger than each other, you may consider the optional Caboose Rear Seat which is quite helpful, which converts the rear bench seat into a front-facing seat, full-size reclining seat.

Unfortunately, this accessory is sold separately, and it folds up with the stroller for convenience.

It’s also really easy to install and uninstall. The Caboose Ultralight Graphite is a versatile tandem stroller that offers a great number of features along with the size, weight, and maneuverability of a single stroller without any compromising features.

Key Features

  • The lightest weight, most compact, and maneuverable double stroller available allows your older child to sit or stand depending on their preference on the rear platform or bench seat. 22 lbs.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and that is 4 times longer than the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Strollers warranty now that is a deal and 2 times longer than the Graco ready2grow warranty look at that – your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Includes a parent tray and a universal car seat adapter that fits most major brands out there. Check the Joovy website for the most recent list of all the compatible models. Features a three-point harness in the rear bench seat
  • The newest rear seat canopy extension protects the rear-seated child as well. It is compatible with the latest Caboose Rear Seat. It is with comfortable material that adds a full size, the forward-facing rear seat which is made with the softest material you can find.
  • Older children love to ride on the Caboose. It makes them feel more grown-up like they are actually getting more mature day by day and allows them to step on and off the stroller by themselves (your back will thank you)

5 – Baby Trend Sit & Stand LX Stroller, Phantom

Baby Trend Sit & Stand LX Stroller, Phantom
Baby Trend Sit & Stand LX Stroller, Phantom


As a new parent or soon-to-be one, you have a really long to-do list including finding the best sit and stand double stroller for your little child. There are so many things to consider while choosing the best sit and stand stroller like height, capacity, weight, comfort, suspension, and much more.

Not all strollers in the market take care of all the security measures required for the safety of the children. What could be more important than the safety of your child? The little ones often less than three months old require a sit and stand stroller.

With multiple detailed features including multiple configurations extendable zip-out canopy, piggyback, rumble seat, and high-performance, travel system makes a baby stroller the best sit and stand stroller.

Finding the best sit and stand stroller for your infant, toddler and growing family could be quite a hectic task. This is why we are recommending the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller.

The Baby Trend Sit & Stand ultra stroller has several types of riding positions, allowing the children to either stand or sit when they go for the ride or use an infant seat in both the front and the rear-facing seats.

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Stroller can accept one or two infant car seats.

Folds comparatively

easily for easy storage and travel, a large storage basket which helps out a lot in terms of carrying a lot of stuff, and has foot-activated brakes there as well. The unique rear-facing seat of this stroller allows your older child, (up to 50 lbs.) to ride with you or they can easily forward face standing like a grown-up on the very sturdy stand on the platform.

The Childs Tray

is there conveniently can swing away that is to allow access to even older children easy access to the front seat of the stroller, the parent tray has covered storage and it comes with cup holders, with a second child cup holder for your older standing or the rear-facing child.

Care and Maintenance

wise there are some things you need to look out for such as To clean the seat pad, use only mild household soap or detergent, and warm water on a sponge or clean cloth. Check your stroller for any loose screws, worn parts, torn material, or stitching on a regular basis. Replace or repair parts as often as required.

Key Features

  • Comfortably fits infant car seats in both of the spots the front and rear seating positions
  • Children can either sit in the front of the stroller and also in the rear seats of this stroller or stand on the rear platform as well.
  • Large removable shade canopy
  • Covered parent tray with 2-cup holders
  • One-hand fold is fast and also easy to use
  • 5-point child restraint safety harness available
  • Removable/Swing-away child compartment organizer with a cup holder which can be used on front or the back position
  • Two removable cup holders
  • Foot activated rear brake
  • Large storage basket

6 – Graco Room For 2

Graco Duo Glider Double Stroller
Graco Duo Glider Double Stroller

Graco Room For 2


A high-quality stroller will keep you comfortable and entertained, it will allow you to go on strolls with your kids whenever you want. This Sit and Stand Stroller Graco are top-rated amongst available options. It fits in with the best, with most of the features you are probably looking for in a sit and stand stroller.

Graco Roomfor2 is a Sit and Stand Stroller, and it is a compatible travel system with an ultra-smooth ride. Bumpy pavements or uneven terrains are no match for this stroller, as it is able to be used on all terrains with ease.


Adjustable handlebar that offers 5 different child positioning with perfect height adjustment for toddlers and older kids. The Graco Roomfor2 is quite the ideal for walking and running errands with two children, as it can be quite hectic without a double stroller, with front and rear seats that each hold a child up to 50 pounds and that’s impressive.

The front seat

features a sort of multi-position recline, which can be placed in a fully flat position that is good to go for naptime.

The Graco Roomfor2 travel system stroller has 5 ways to ride with the included bench seat and the standing platform it already has. It’s the perfect stroller for 2 little ones with included Graco 30 infant car seat.

The parent dashboard,

pivoting child tray and cup holder, extra-large storage basket, and 1-hand fold provide for the ultimate convenience for people who have their hands full. For children up to 50lb, the Roomfor2 stroller travel system is the perfect stroller for 2.

Care and Maintenance:

Wash removable seat cushions in cold water only and on delicate cycle and line dry only for better cleaning to clean the stroller frame easily. Use only household soap and warm water for this, and never use bleach.

Key Features

  • Parent’s tray with 2 deep cup holders in the parents’ organizer compartment for on-the-go convenience
  • Pivoting child’s tray with 2 cup holders allows for easy in and out convenience
  • Extra-large, easy to access storage basket holds child and parents’ belongings
  • Locking front swivel wheels with suspension improves the stability and maneuverability for better handling on all sorts of terrain
  • Multi-position reclining seat ensures the baby’s comfort
  • Convertible 3- or 5-point harness that will grow with your child as he grows up
  • The stroller seat, bench seat, and standing platform support the children up to 50 lb.
  • For families looking for a double stroller with infant and toddler riding options
  • For parents that are in need of an infant car seat can definitely use this
  • Bonus: meets Disney size requirements

7 – Chicco Bravofor2 Sit and Stand Stroller

Chicco Bravofor2, sit n stand strollers
Chicco Bravofor2, sit n stand strollers


There are multiple types of high-priced brands with great Sit and Stand strollers out there. But the best rated of them all is Chicco Bravofor2 stroller.

You always need a lightweight stroller with durable tires and a front swivel wheel to unlock low-speed maneuvering or locked for strolling. A trip to the shop for some groceries could be a challenging task without the right stroller.

For Younger Children, the Chicco Sit and Stand Strollers feature a traditional sort of padded stroller seat, a five-point harness for maximum safety.

A large adjustable canopy to shield your baby from the harsh weather, and a removable tray with two cup holders which you can use for yourself and the baby.

For infants, the bravofor2 stroller seat folds forward to accept a Chicco Key Fit or Fit2 infant car seat. That comes with an easy click-in attachment.

Three-point harness

For the older children, the Bravofor2 is outfitted with a bonus back seat in there as well as a platform where big kids can choose to sit or stand.

The seat folds away easily when unoccupied and also includes a three-point harness for the security of the baby.

Easy-grip handles with padded foam provide added stability for standing, and a backrest gives extra support.

The Bravofor2 is designed to be closed with one hand and it is ultra-compact because it quickly folds for easier maneuvering and storage.

An integrated handle

is one of the things that allows easy access to the fold and it also simultaneously rotates the front wheels on the inside to keep the folded unit in a standing position.

Once the stroller is completely packed up, the folding handle can also double as a carrying handle too. Treaded rubber tires help with maneuvering the stroller easily, full suspension for uneven terrains, and front swivels help maintain a smooth ride for passengers in every configuration possible.


One-touch brakes are quite useful when you want to keep the stroller in place when it is parked. A padded push handle as well, a parent tray with two cup holders, and a large storage basket with front and rear access provide added convenience for the mother and father.

Key Features

  • Bravofor2 can accommodate 2 children: front seat + back seat/platform for big kids to ride or stand
  • The front seat folds towards the forward position to accept Chicco Key Fit or Fit 2 car seat and includes a 5-point harness adjustable canopy, and a detachable child tray as well.
  • Bonus feature back seat includes 3-point harness and folds up to make room for a child to stand. Periodically you can wipe and clean the plastic parts with a soft damp cloth
  • The standing platform includes easy-grip handles and a backrest
    • 2 sun canopies for protecting both children
    • 12 riding options available for just 2 children from babies to toddlers
    • Compact size and smooth steering
    • One-handed fold
    • A large storage basket underneath
    • Removable child snack tray
    • Compatible with two Graco Classic Connect Infant Car Seats
    • Movable toddler seat for easy access to the storage basket

The front seat, bench seat, and the standing platform each hold a child’s up to 50 pounds Innovative fold/carry handle for just one hand without any hassle, free-standing, ultra-compact quick fold. Rear-wheel is 9 inches in diameter.

8 – Elite Sit and Stand EX Strollers

Elite Sit and Stand EX Strollers
Elite sit and stand stroller

Currently unavailable


Similar to other sit and stand strollers, the Elite Sit n Stand EX Stroller is also a versatile device meant for both the siblings in your family. One of the unique features of this Stroller is the fabric used in the headrest. It is the mesh fabric that offers more ventilation and makes rides all the more comfortable and enjoyable for the kids.

Key Features

» An extended front canopy

» A rear shade canopy

» The standing platform flips out of the way when not in use

» One-hand folding mechanism

» Jumbo storage basket

» Removable front tray

» 5-point harnesses

» Stroller with rear foot brake

» EVA foam tires

» Jump seat pad included

» Easy to assemble

9 – Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra Stroller, Elixer

Baby Trend Ultra Stroller, Elixer
baby trend elixir stroller


The Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Ultra stroller accepts infant car seats in both the front and rear seating positions. It weighs around 30 lbs. Various models of Baby Trend strollers are available in the markets and are quite popular too.

Key Features

» Scope for more storage and amenities

» Compact when folded

» Foot activated brake, and 5-point child restraint safety harness

» Large removable shade canopy

» Covered parent tray with 2-cup holders

» Accepts all Baby Trends and most significant brands of infant car seats

» The front seat reclines.

10 – Graco Ready2Grow

Graco Ready2Grow double Stroller
Graco grow double Stroller


We have been searching for quite a while now for a combo-pack stroller with multiple configurations for twins or an infant with a toddler with two car seats.

Travel System

For the best Sit and Stand Strollers with a combo-travel system could be in your mind and finding the best one which is catered to your needs might be a hard find.

The Graco Ready2Grow stroller features safety with style and removable two rear seats for a standing platform for an older child.

It is the most versatile stroller available on the market! With 12 different riding options, from infant to youth, your kids will love getting out and exploring the world with you.

This Stroller has a Click Connect Stand and the Ride Stroller accepts TWO Graco Snug Ride Click Connect Infant Car Seats. This Stroller considered being America’s Top1 selling infant car seats. It has a standing platform as well and a bench seat for your older children a removable face-time rear seat for some bonding time with the little child!

The Graco Ready2Grow stroller can be used only at walking speeds, so that is one downside of it. The stroller is not intended for use while jogging, skating, etc.

Never use bleach on it. Wash the removable car seat cushion in cold water on a delicate cycle and line dries it. To clean the stroller frame, use only the household soap and some warm water. Never use bleach again and use light oil if the wheels squeak a bit.

Many strollers come in different modes.

Single sibling modes, double siblings mode, or even for three siblings mode. If you have one child and looking forward to more children soon then you can choose one of these versatile ones.

Now you know which one to go for. Many parents love to travel around a lot. If you are one of them then you must choose those which come in lightweight. Some of the strollers are super cool and provides all the features and yet when they are folded, they become much smaller in size.

As a result,

they are easy to carry, move around, and store. Each baby jogging stroller comes with many amazing features, different designs, and accessories for different purposes. Some are three-wheelers and some are four. Each one provides different advantages.

Now that you know all the features and advantages of the best 10 seat and stand strollers for your baby, you will be able to make the right decision that will fit your necessity and go well along with your family.


According to science, it is hard to choose when you have too many options available to choose from. When you have too much variety in front of you, it just increases complexity instead of making it easier for you to make the right choice based on your needs.

This is why, with all the baby strollers out there in the market, it was hard for you to choose because you did not know which one was the right one for you.

But once you know everything about each option and its different features and advantages, it is not harder to choose from them anymore based on your necessity. Maybe you are a parent who is athletic and loves to run outside with your children on the stroller. Now you know what type of stroller you need for you and your children.

Because now you know the wheel system of different strollers and their wheel sizes and suspension system. Maybe you are a parent who loves to go shopping in the city center or the local market with your children.

Now you know which stroller is the best suited for shopping while you are out there with your lovely children. Maybe you are a parent who has twin small babies. Now you know which stroller will be most suitable for you.

You can be someone with two small babies with not many different ages between your babies. Then you know which one to opt for. You might also have three children. There are also perfect strollers out there that will be suitable for you and now you know.