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BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review | Baby Jogging Strollers

Bob sport Utility Stroller women running with kid

Most parents that lead an active lifestyle concern once their little cutie approaches the toddler stage. Their concern centers on having to watch over their little one all the time.

But more intensely, it hinges on getting back to the boisterous life without leaving their baby behind.
So, there is this moment of confusion about choosing the right jogging stroller for the child.

Besides being an up-and-about parent, you might live in an area that has lots of rough terrains, or with much presence of nature. If you love doing more jogging than walking, then follow through on this product review to get all the exciting details.

Whatever is the case, you may get the BOB Sport Utility jogging stroller. This stroller is rugged. Its fixed front wheel design supports stability and could glide through bumpy paths.

This is an ideal travel baby buggy for parents that love an outstanding outdoor experience.
After reading this review, you will understand what the Bob Sport Utility could do for you and your baby. First, let us learn more about this exceptional product.

Bob Sport Utility Jogging Stroller

Many parents love outdoor activities, but most times, the fear of leaving their little one behind holds them back. This concern is understandable because bumpy roads and rough terrains don’t seem to be good for a baby.

The producer of BOB Sport Utility Stroller saw this problem and set out to fill the gap. This infant buggy was rugged, but also flexible to navigate the different, uneven territory. Bob jogging strollers are great for parents who love to be in nature and have fun in the outdoors.

BOB spot utility Jogger-Stroller
The BOB Stroller

Bob jogger strollers keep the baby in safety, but also in comfort, no matter the outside circumstances. Adventurous couples that love going off the beaten path would find a bob utility stroller their best choice.

Bob’s stroller comes with a fixed front wheel that provides added stability while in motion.

Fitted with inflatable knobby tires on high-affected polymer, this jogging stroller offers dynamism, flexibility, and protection that cater to the need of both the parent and the child.

The two-step folding provides for smooth transport and ease of storage. For added downhill control and safety, the Sport Utility Stroller has a hand brake. The outstanding adjustable suspension system positions this buggy to glide over bumps for a smooth ride.

The latest model of bob sport comes with an adjustable handlebar which makes it ideal for parents no matter their height. You combine this utility stroller with an infant car seat, you would have assembled the best travel system for outdoor activities.

Do you live in a snowy climate? Are you adventurous and love going on hiking trips? You will need a Bob Sport Utility. Alongside other perks, this is one of the best jogging strollers you could get for a youngster you care about.

Features of Bob Sport Utility Stroller.

  • Bob’s jogging stroller offers a variety of features that could make life easier for any parent and their child. This list of features is quite expansive but not exhaustive as you could always get more from this utility stroller.
  • Quick two-step folding design – Small-fold feature allows this stroller to fold up to a smaller size so it can fit in the back of almost any vehicle. The simple, double folding, lightweight frame allows for convenient transportation and storage.
  • Tough but lightweight welded aluminum alloy frame – They make the Bob Sport Utility of sturdy structure and durable long-lasting material.
  • Fixed front wheel – A fixed front wheel allows you to go hiking or jogging on rough terrain and you could enjoy greater stability. A simple rotation of the front wheel change buttons allows you to go on a straight motion without veering off.
  • 16×2-inch thick knobby mountain bike-style tires – The 16-inch stationary front wheel offers excellent stability when running or jogging in fast workouts. They designed the wheels for high impact and are large enough to roll over any rough path. The lightweight alloy wheels with pneumatic knobby tires and inner tubes are durable.
  • Adjustable suspension system – An adjustable suspension system clears uneven terrain and provides comfortable motion. The state-of-the-art, flexible suspension system ensures a super-smooth ride. The adjustable suspension system gives your child a very comfy ride with exceptional shock absorption when the trail gets rough.
  • You can design a complete travel system with a matching BOB B-SAFE car seat and BOB car seat adapter. The accessory adapter lets you connect a BOB adapter to a baby seat or snack tray.
  • Ultra padded adjustable recliner for increased seating comfort – The five-point safety belt helps to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. The seat is adjustable and reclines while offering the comfort of padding to your child. A reclining chair offers great seating comfort. A 5-point padded belt protects your child and allows for a child’s growth. This pram is durable to hold a child up to 70 pounds.
  • A multi-position canopy provides your child protection from the elements – The canopy allows you to position it in multiple ways so that your child can be safe from harmful elements such as wind, rain, or the sun. You can adjust the multilayered canopy to protect against the elements.
  • Bob strollers come with a large window at the top that provides for passenger control – The large preview window allows you to keep a watchful eye on your child.
  • Bob strollers offer a storage basket beneath the seat, one large pocket on the back of the seat, and two inner seat pockets. The inside pockets of the chairs could be a great place to keep snacks and toys. You can keep clothes, food, and more with a large rear seat and a low chassis basket.
  • Hand-activated front wheel brake – Hand-activated front caliper brake provides for additional control when jogging downhill. The hand-operated brake lets you slow down. When activated, the parking brake helps to secure the stopping position. A parking brake provides additional brake help.
  • There is also a foot-activated rear wheel parking brake and safety tether. These rare features ensure your child gets the maximum protection during fun outings. But they also allow you the freedom to concentrate and have fun with peace of mind, knowing your little cutie is safe.
  • An adjustable padded handlebar offers 9 positions that provide for parents of all heights. This is an additional feature that is at the latest Bob sport utility stroller. The older versions do not have adjustable hand bars. They padded the steering wheel for additional comfort.
  • BOB Ironman rear tire parking ensures that the infant truck stays in a steady position at different stops until you are ready to set it in motion.
  • Bob sport utility stroller offers a five-year warranty on the frame and one year on small parts and fabric.

Now, you have seen the outstanding features of a bob stroller sport, let’s clear some misconceptions that hover around the Bob Sport Utility vs. the Bob Revolution strollers.

Is it Worth the Cost?

BobSport Utility jogging Revolution SE Stroller

This utility jogging stroller retails for close to $400, so it’s not cheap by any means. If you want to purchase this stroller, then you will want to make sure that it is worth the cost.

By reading the reviews of other customers, you can ensure you will be happy with your purchase instead of thinking of it as a waste of money. These basic features are especially important if you are operating on any surface that is not flat and even.

You can use a normal stroller if you are operating on a flat surface, but for everything, you will need a good suspension,

It is clear from customer reviews it is something you will not regret buying and will enjoy using.

Bob Sport Utility Stroller vs. Revolution.

Sometimes choosing between the Bob Sport Utility stroller and the BOB Revolution SE could be a daunting task for many active parents. Many folks have based their judgment over both strollers on the difference in the prices. But that is awkward.

Although the two baby joggers share some similarities, they also have a lot of differences. They do not create them for the same purpose and do not respond to environments in the same way.

We have set out to give you all the details you need to know about the bob ironman sport utility jogging stroller. So, we shall look to identify those key differences a parent could overlook. Failure to identify these differences could lead to regrets and loss of money after purchase; maybe not immediately, but much later.

The first thing to have in mind is the question: Which of the two strollers should serve you better? You know there are strollers for jogging and there are strollers for running.

The bob sport utility stroller has a fixed front wheel and is designed for runners, whereas the revolution SE has a swivel front wheel. The revolution SE is more suitable for taking a walk around the neighborhood.

You go in an all-terrain environment, or you do more running than walking, then the Sport Utility will be a better pick. You need a dynamic pushchair that you could take along to the parks, busy city sidewalks, and malls, then opt for the Revolution.

As we mention earlier, both strollers have some similarities as much as they have differences. Now, let’s look at the similarities between the two of Bob’s strollers.

Joovy Zoom 360,double jogging stroller

Similarities between Bob Sport Utility and BOB Revolution SE

Many of the features on both the Bob Sport Utility and the Bob Revolution strollers function in the same manner. Let’s have a quick look at some of these similarities.

Safety Features–Both models of bob’s stroller’s design come with an adjustable 5-point safety harness that keeps your child protected. This feature is to keep infants of different stages and sizes in comfort.

They fit both strollers with a foot-activated rear wheel parking brake. This feature keeps the strollers stationary at different stop points.
Both prams have a wrist strap active parents could use to tag the baby bugger along while running or jogging.

This feature could be very helpful if you trip over or fall while jogging or running. The wrist strap could stop the stroller from running further with your child in it.
Two-step Easy to Fold–Both the Bob Sport Utility and the Bob Revolution SE have the two-step easy fold feature. With this innovative feature, a parent can fold the jogger without letting down their toddler child.

This is a helpful feature, especially while crossing a busy road, walking through a crowded environment, or escaping from an emergency.

Differences between Bob Sport Utility Stroller and BOB Revolution SE

Rugged knobby tires
The Bob sports utility is the only Bob’s stroller that has the rugged knobby tires feature. They designed the tires on other Bob strollers for more plain ground and do not have the same capacity to hold on to bumpy terrains.

The tires on BOB Sport Utility are 2.0 inches wide whereas the tires on Revolution are 1.75 inches in width. You can now understand why the bob utility sport has a firmer grip on the ground than the revolution.

Wider knobby tires have a firmer grip on the off-road environments while the narrower tires support a smooth ride on plain surfaces. The unique features serve different purposes for which they were designed.

The Wheels
You can also spot the difference on the wheels of both baby joggers. There is a noticeable difference in the front wheels, the sizes of the wheels are the same. But the Sport Utility has a fixed front wheel with a mudguard. This feature helps to prevent your baby from being splashed with dirt from underneath the wheels while in motion. The Revolution SE has a lockable swivel front.

Varying Available Colors

BOB Sports Utility-Single comes in two colors–Blue and Orange and you can only get the bob sport utility Duallie stroller in Orange. The Revolution SE Single has a variety of 4 colors. Navy, Orange, Plum, and Black. Note, the SE Duallie is not available in Plum.

Hand Brake
The hand brake feature which is found on the BOB Sport Utility does not exist in the Revolution. This could be because a hand brake is not all that important in a jogging stroller but could be useful. It permits the jogger to have more control over the buggy while going down sloppy terrains.

Exemption of the hand brake from the Bob Revolution SE is understandable because they do not design the jogger for rough terrains. The Sport Utility thrives on rough surfaces.

Retail Prices
There is also a remarkable difference in the prices of both models of Bob baby joggers. For instance, the BOB Revolution SE Single costs higher than the BOB Sports Utility-Single.

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie (Double) costs higher than BOB Sports Utility Duallie (Double).
However, the difference in the prices of both Bob running strollers shouldn’t be a deciding factor when making choices. The two jogging strollers, though similar, are not for the same purpose.

Most people who have decided based on the prices ended up in regrets, maybe not right away, but much later. Your focus as a parent should be on the purpose for which you need a Bob stroller.

Advantages of B.O.B. jogging strollers

Performance – The adjustable suspension system on Bob sport utility jogging stroller has settings for lighter weight infants and much bigger toddlers. You can make the suspense stiffer for a less weighty baby and you can also loosen it for heavier children.
This versatility enhances the performance and maneuverability of the sport utility stroller. But it also ensures a seamless ride over different terraces while accommodating your little one, no matter their body size.

The adjustable suspension system keeps your cutie in an uninterrupted position. You could glide through uneven terraces and rough paths without waking the baby from a sound sleep.

Rugged but comfortable – The Bob utility stroller design with durable features. The comfy padded multiple positions reclining seat ensures your baby sits in comfort no matter how bumpy the journey turns out. With the latest sport utility, they have optimized the seat to provide better support for your baby.

The 5-point safety harness was improved to provide better adjustability. By extension, this improved feature offers more secure fitting as your baby grows from a lightweight infant to a much heavier toddler.

With this baby jogger, the seat reclines so flat your child could have a bed away from home. Reviewers have been sending their commendations and testifying to how much comfort their kids get to enjoy.

Easy maintenance – The improved heat-pressed foam-padded Poly and Dobby weave fabric on this stroller are water-resistant. We all know how babies spill and get messy sometimes. With this advanced feature, you can wipe messy baby spills off in a snap.

The mesh pockets fitted on the interior corners could also hold your baby’s essentials and keep them from falling off even on rough terrains.

The sun canopy – The redesigned canopy feature on this utility stroller is outstanding. It has a massive 125° range of coverage which ensures to protect your little one from harmful rays irrespective of the angle of the sunlight.

A wide peek-a-boo window enables you to keep a watchful eye on your child. A discreet pocket above the top window helps to keep the pram neat and well-kept.

The one-handed tracking knob – Having your child’s buggy constantly veer off and continuously struggling to keep it on track can be extremely annoying. The one-handed tracking knob on Bob’s sport utility helps to keep the pram in a straight motion while you are out jogging. This also allows you to concentrate on your fitness efforts.

Safety Holds -The foot brake feature and a runaway tether strap on the handle of this utility stroller provide safety. The tether strap particularly ensures your child’s buggy doesn’t stray away even if you trip off or fall.

Storage Units – Bob’s sport utility stroller comes with dynamic and generous storage units. You have the under-seat storage basket and the side pockets that could hold your baby’s toys secure. There is also a mini pocket that is behind the infant seat. You are free to jog along with a variety of items both for yourself and your baby and still enjoy a smooth ride.

The handlebar -The handlebar on the Bob SUS offers a comfortable height. For particularly tall parents, the handle on this stroller could stick out to enough length. This provides enough distance to avoid kicking at the buggy while taking long strides.

Easy fold – The wheels on the Bob SUS are fast to release for a smaller fold. You can effortlessly fold this stroller to a much lesser size that could fit into the trunk of any car. For bigger cars, a folded Bob sports would take about half of the trunk so you can use the extra space for other stuff.

Disadvantages of the BOB Sport Utility Stroller

The BOB Sport Utility Stroller has received no complaints from parents in the customer reviews. The few complaints noticed in the product reviews talked more about the high cost of the baby jogger.

Both Bob Sport Utility and Bob Revolution are high-end jogging strollers. They don’t come cheap, but the quality, convenience, and extremely innovative safety inputs are Top notch.

For up and about parents, the benefits that come with this stroller are worth every dime you spend to purchase one. There are many prams that you could find in the market, but will they offer what the Bob SUS offers?

Some parents also made remarks about the fixed front wheel. In their opinion, they found it difficult to steer. Shoppers should know that it specially made the BOB Sport Utility thrive on rough terrains. The safety and protection of the child should be of utmost concern.

A parent that hopes to steer around tight corners should opt for a stroller with a swivel wheel. The BOB Revolution stroller, as we have seen earlier, would fit their expectation.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller Measurements

  • Bob SUS weighs 26 pounds
  • width is 25
  • Length is 50¼
  • Handle height is 40¼
  • Seat width is 14½
  • pneumatic knobby wheels measure 16″ x 2
  • This utility stroller folds with the wheel at 41½ x 25″ x 18
  • Folds without wheels at 35 x 25″ x 13¼
  • BOB Ironman