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Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

All There’s To Know About Baby’s First Outfit.

Things to do before baby arrives and our checklists are widely read; this’s because a baby’s birth plan is one of the most important things for mom and dad, and the little one is joy in our world.

Of course, daily life changes ultimately having a newborn: the nights spent awake changing diapers are now part of your everyday life as the indescribable moments of happiness. For most parents looking for things to do before baby arrives, the preparations for the baby marked the last few weeks before birth. While pregnant moms often focus on buying initial equipment, dads like to do other baby prep tasks, such as painting or furnishing the nursery.

But what do you need in your birth plans as the due date approaches? To give you an excellent overview of what you need now or things to do before baby arrives, we have prepared an overview of a baby’s all areas of life and daily life. You can download Checklist for the respective themes. After this article, you will also find a baby checklist with all the topics collected.

We have summarized the areas of the first equipment in our things to do before baby arrives checklist. You will find individual products required in daily life, with a newborn, and with practical fields to abstain from. So nothing is forgotten!

 Initial Equipment For Baby’s First Outfit Outline!

  • Checklist Before Baby Arrives; What baby clothes do you need for a newborn?
  • What care products do I need for the initial equipment?
  • Checklist Before Baby Arrives; What Equipment Do I Need For The Baby’s Room?
  • What initial equipment do I need to breastfeed and bottle feeding?
  • What initial equipment do I need for the trip?

Checklist; What Baby Clothes Do You Need For A Newborn?

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives
Baby’s first wardrobe

It would be best if you processed fashion for newborns reliably in your birth plan. You can change intelligent opening options and a wide neckline and diapers. Tear-resistant snaps, especially on the shoulders and passage, can withstand frequent changes and diapers and change a breeze. Look for soft and friendly materials because the newborn’s skin is prone. Especially in the first weeks, the bodysuits and rompers are the most suitable since they do not slide and maintain a little beauty and warmth.

Here you will find our list for your baby’s first wardrobe or closet. We always recommend buying sizes, 50/56 and 62/68, to cover them in the first weeks. By the way, premature babies have a size of 44 clothes, but in an unplanned emergency, they also adjust to 50/56 in size.

Your baby’s first wardrobe;

  • 12 bodysuits preferably wrap-around bodysuits!
  • 6 Slim t-shirts or sweaters
  • 6 Rompers or pants with soft comfort waistband
  • 2-3 Caps in size 35 and size 37
  • 2-3 Baby Jackets
  • 2 pairs of scratch gloves
  • 3 pairs of each slim and thick sock in size 15/16
  • 10 gauze diapers
  • 4 Triangle shawls
  • 2-4 sleep overalls
  • 2-3 tights or leggings
  • 1-2 Sleeping bags for the night

For the first baby wardrobe, a practical checklist before the baby arrives.

On our things to do before baby arrives practical checklist for the first fashionable equipment of the little ones, you will also find advice on what you need for a summer baby or a winter baby, as well as the first classic equipment.  Maybe ask yourself if you need so many clothes for your little one or in your things to do before baby arrives? The answer is “Yes,” and there are two reasons: first, you must change your baby frequently in the first weeks and months.

Despite practical bibs and absorbent diapers, it is not unusual that things go wrong while searching for things to do before baby arrives, so in your baby’s birth plan, it is important to have a sufficient supply of changing clothes using Checklist things to do before baby arrives tips. In addition, babies grow so fast in the first weeks that sometimes even the bodysuit is too tight so soon; thus, it makes sense to have many clothes of greater size available at home.

Our Checklist before baby arrives tip for you.

A baby cools faster than an adult, so ensure you have a little hat and a sweater or a baby jacket in the diaper bag always.

What Care Products Do I Need For The Initial Equipment?

Bathing and grooming your baby takes some time. But there is also the opportunity to enjoy the closeness and strengthen its bond. After the bath or applying lotion, do a few babies massage, have fun using your finger for games, or sing for your baby.

When buying bath or care products for your baby, pay attention to a careful dose, natural and friendly ingredients with the skin as seen in the things to do before baby arrives checklist pdf!  In our things to do before baby arrives-we have summarized the most important products for you.

Bathing & Body Care

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives
Baby‘s first care products

Until the navel (belly button) is cured correctly, you should only carefully wash your baby with a damp washing lug; this is good or sufficient at first. Later, some parents bathe daily for their baby, because the baby can or has a calming effect. It is better to see how your baby reacts to the water and find a rhythm that suits him. To make your bath a real splash, you need some tools:

  • Bathtub with bathtub seat for a newborn baby
  • Thermometer for an optimal water temperature (35-37 ° C)
  • Nurturing oil or body milk
  • 5 wipes or towels
  • 2 Hooded Bath Towels
  • Bath toy
  • Bath bucket
  • Washing bowl
  • Soft care bath for bath
  • Mild shampoo suitable for babies
  • 8 gauze diapers as spit-up cloths and carpet pad
  • Brush/crest with extra soft bristles or rounded tips
  • Body lotion/skin cream with natural and friendly ingredients with baby
  • Wound cream for a sore baby bottom.
  • Sunscreen for a day in the garden
  • Baby nail care set
  • And more

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What Equipment Do I Need For The Baby’s Room? 

Many parents at first leave the newborn close to the parental bed so he/she can feel the proximity of the mom, and you carry out breastfeeding easily and quickly at night. But if you first want a crib for the baby, the baby will be in a little kingdom.

For a good checklist before the baby arrives, think about whether you want to be ready for the future Baby’s Room before birth. You need some crucial items for the baby’s room: the nursery and the changing unit are part of the furniture, but the safety of the little ones in the house and a healthy dream should also be at your forefront, as you think of the things to do before baby arrives.

Everything for the room 

Things to do before Baby arrives; The Baby’s Room
The Baby’s Room

As basic furniture, you need, in the beginning, an appropriate baby bed for the baby. Here, you can choose a classic baby bed, a side bed, and a baby bassinet or cradle. Also, Multi-piece baby room set.

Mostly bed, wardrobe, and changing unit!

Also, the things to do before baby arrives! Besides the bed, you need a changing device (changing table). Of course, the classical changing table is the first thing that comes to me. However, there are also bath-changing combinations and the possibility of a changing top for the bathtub.

Besides the two classics, it is also worth thinking about a high chair with things to do before baby arrives. with the correct newborn set, your baby can sit directly after birth on the table; this strengthens the feeling of the family and allows you to eat with the rest of the family in peace.

A piece baby bouncer makes sense early so that the little one can take his nap in a protected environment, and you can be sure that he is well protected. A play arch is a good idea for first-time fun. Griffin and cuddle clothes are ok from birth.

Baby’s Sleep

Since babies sleep almost around the clock in the first months, they naturally need a comfortable atmosphere to sleep. In the first year, the baby must sleep without pillows, or if so, with a suitable pillow for babies, in which the head can not fall or perhaps sink as spelled out in our cleaning checklist before the baby arrives. Instead of an actual blanket, the sleeping bag is the right choice among things to do before baby arrives; it offers enough heat and legroom but can not slide the head during sleep.

You can use a comfortable bodysuit on its whole or a breathable cotton suit in the sleeping bag, also known as a hospital bag. The crib offers a nesting nest for comfort and safety and needs to be considered in things to do before baby arrives.

Now, you can monitor your little one while he sleeps without disturbances; of course, you also need a baby monitor. There are many types here when it comes to things to do before baby arrives, with or without a camera or breathing control, and many other features..

  • Baby monitor
  • Edge, corner, and socket protectors
  • Playpen and stair gates
  • Night light
  • Fitted sheet
  • 2 wool or cotton blankets
  • Music box or mobile
  • Nest and bedding
  • A heating pad or hot water bottle

Changing table

When buying a changing table, make sure it is stable and is firm stands on the floor and that the changing height is suitable for the size of your body; this avoids back pain. Besides, a changing table with large drawers is a good idea. This gives you a lot of storage space for the place where it is needed. Besides the changing table, of course, you also need basic gear in the changing table while looking for things to do before baby arrives:

  • Washable winding mat and matching changing pad
  • A heat lamp
  • An odor-absorbing diaper pail
  • Diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • Care cream for soft baby’s skin

For the baby room

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What Initial Equipment Do I Need To Breastfeed And Feeding?

You will discover all in our baby checklist before the baby arrives checklist. That’s, breast milk is the best food for your baby in the first months of life. This’s because it offers precisely the nutrients your baby requires for development. Therefore, the National Breastfeeding Commission recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first four to six months.

You can start slowly to introduce complementary foods that gradually replace breastfeeding with three free meals in the fifth month.

Last-Minute Things to do before baby arrives: Breastfeeding

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives
equipment for baby‘s feeding

Breast milk is the best thing mothers can give their babies after birth, besides love and safety. It contains all the important nutrients and antibodies needed for healthy development. If you want more information about breastfeeding or things to do before baby arrives, our checklist before baby arrives guide will help you with pleasure. To make breastfeeding as relaxed as possible, you can get some assistants:

  • At least 1 nursing pillow
  • Different nursing tops
  • Several nursing bras
  • Reusable nursing pads
  • Breast pump – hand breast pump or electric breast pump
  • Disposable nursing pads for on the go
  • Gauze diapers for burping
  • approx. 2-3 bottles with age-appropriate teats suitable for breast milk
  • Check Here to learn more


Breastfeeding doesn’t work, or maybe you don’t want to breastfeed your baby. Here, you want to feed your baby with baby food. This is as close as possible to breast milk and contains all the nutrients. If you are supplementing breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you also need some assistants:

  • 1 milk powder portioner
  • 6 bottles, each with tits like age.
  • Bottle box
  • Bottlebrush
  • A thermos bottle to keep the baby hot
  • A bottle heater
  • A sterilizer
  • Bibs or Chiffon Diapers

For breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Check the full list

last minute things to do before baby arrives.

Even the first trip home from the hospital is not possible without basic equipment. Our things to do before baby arrives or a checklist for getting ready for baby shows you need an appropriate baby seat for the age to transport a baby safely. It would help if you also had several transport options for future walks and excursions, say a baby carrier or stroller. If you plan a vacation with your little one, the travel bed can also be important early.

Our tested and trusted equipment tips

Search for quality and safety-tested strollers and infant carriers. Before the baby arrives, you can look at our pages for tested and trusted strollers.

Strollers, which one is the best for you?

Hardly any decision in the lives of expectant parents is as hotly debated as the purchase of a new stroller. Every family has different requirements for their stroller – that’s why we have different models for you that really meet every taste! If you are unsure what things to do before the baby arrives or what suits you best, browse our website.

Remember that even a stroller needs certain basic equipment. If you want to spend a lot of time with your little one in nature, a rain cover will help protect the baby from wind and weather. In summer, of course, sun protection is indispensable. But an insect screen can also be helpful in the warmer months; these are also some of the things to do before baby arrives.

Also indispensable is the footmuff. There are different models here – thin summer footmuffs, cuddly warm winter footmuffs, and temperature-regulating all-season footmuffs. Please make sure that the desired footmuff also fits in your stroller – you will find this information directly in the respective product text.

The baby shell

Things to do before baby arrives isn’t complete without a baby car seat, that’s, nothing works with the little ones without a car seat. . There are different car seat sizes should you check our baby checklist, which depends on the size and weight of your child. For newborns, we distinguish between the i-size group and the 0+ group. In our things to do before baby arrives checklist or child seat group guide, you will find all information about the different groups. In addition, our child seat advisor will help you find the right seat for you and your needs.

The baby carrier

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives
Baby first trip equipment

Do you like to have your baby close to you, but still want to have your hands free for everyday things? Then baby carriers are perfect for you, have them on your baby checklist. Our baby carrier advisor will help you find exactly the right carrier for you, as it’s among the things to do before baby arrives.