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Best All Terrain Stroller 2022

All-Terrain Stroller

Finding one All-terrain stroller can be a pretty tough job. With the little human coming, new parents must pack with a lot of stuff, which also includes finding the best all-terrain Stroller.

Being a parent who loves traveling, jogging, or just being outdoors the toughest part of it for a parent of a newborn can be to keep your child safe outside. This is a list of all the well-off-road Baby strollers. A straightforward solution to your problem can be all-terrain strollers.

They design these strollers in such a way, that they will make your traveling, jogging, or even hiking easy and safe. As we see, the next-generation model of different brands is in the market, so here are some of the best All Terrain strollers in 2022.

The areas we have kept in mind for these all-terrain strollers are.





Britax B-Free

BOB Gear All Terrain Pro 

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

GB + Pockit All-Terrain

Thule Urban Glide 2,

Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Jogger City Mini 2

Best lightweight stroller:

Joggers and best all-terrain strollers can be heavy as it designed for rough terrains. So, we narrowed down our search to the lighter and improved version of the lot. Best all-terrain stroller:

We have listed down strollers that work on budget-friendly travel the l during your adventure and exploration with the newborn. Best budget-friendly all-terrain stroller: These strollers are easy on your pocket.

Easy to handle or one-hand control stroller all-terrain: they equip these strollers with an easy fold mechanism. And better control with one hand. The big wheel stroller: these strollers will provide us with better suspension and maneuverability.

Here we have eased your job by narrowing it down to 7 all-terrain strollers. These are the best off-road strollers and even the best stroller for hiking as well have made it to our list of all-terrain strollers.

1. Britax B-Free Stroller

Britax B Free Stroller
Britax B Free Stroller

First, on our list of the best All-terrain travel system is the Britax B-Free. This baby stroller can be the best choice if you are looking for a stroller designed to meet your needs at an affordable range.

This great stroller is lightweight with a 3-wheel design. The B-free stroller is the best lightweight all-terrain strollers in the UK. Britax B-Free is the best off-road stroller. The stroller also comes with a 5-point safety harness.


They made the B-free all terrain wheels or foam-filled rubber tires. Its small design is handy with one hand and navigated in small spaces. The quick-fold design system comes in handy as well. It comes with a full hand at the bottom that automatically folds; the stroller folds into half using a single hand.

One push button will automatically unlock the stroller and its self-stands. Talking about the brakes; near the left wheel, it has a small press pedal that can use with your toes. It will make your life easy while you travel.

The front wheel of this stroller in comparison with other dual-wheel options is far better in maneuverability. The swivel lock makes the front wheel lock in place, giving you more control on rough terrains.

Britax B-Free takes care of the ventilation as it has cool flow ventilated mesh fabric that improves the airflow that will provide comfort for your infant.

A padded seat will keep your baby relaxed and comfy. This Stroller has adjustable handles which provide parents with a better grip on the stroller and will make it easy to navigate.

Stroller Features

The canopy is large and expandable with SPF that will provide extra protection on sunny and rainy days. This best all-terrain stroller travel system also comes with a sunshade that will protect your child from sun glare. A mesh cover gives a peek-a-boo window to the parents. The canopy comes with zipping secured panels, ensuring additional coverage and will make sure of ventilation in hot weather.

To make your infant more comfortable, the B-free stroller comes with an infinite reclining seat which will help you accommodate the situation of a sleeping infant to an attentive toddler.

The leg rests are padded but are not adjustable. Talking about the harness has a five-point harness. To make it easy, the Britax B-Free Stroller comes with compartments or storage pockets along with the XL storage basket that will store your baby gear.

The small pockets are useful for keeping insignificant items like your keys, bottle, or mobile. It is best suited for children from birth to 65 pounds. The dimensions for an unfolded stroller are 44″ L x 24″ W x 42″ H. The Interior seat width is 13″.

It is compatible only with all Britax infant car seats. It comes with a side click on the adapter. Britax B-Free is a stroller with enormous wheels to walk in the sand. This stroller is to be set up using the easy guide manual you require no additional tools for the setup.


  • Comes with a car seat adapter.
  • Can hold up to 65 pounds.
  • The rubber of the wheel makes it fit for all uneven terrain.
  • Easy one-hand to-navigate
  • Large expandable with UV50+ canopy.
  • Mesh fabric for cool air ventilation
  • storage space
  • everyday use stroller


  • you need to buy additional accessories.
  • The second seat comes in the way of your feet

2. BOB Gear All Terrain Pro Strollers.

Bob all Gear2 Jogging Stroller
BOB Gear Pro Jogging Stroller. Off-road stroller

If you are a mommy or daddy who loves jogging and wants to take your kid to the jogging session, the BOB Gear Best All Terrain  Jogging Stroller is the best-suited jogging stroller. This Stroller was one step ahead of BOB revolution flex 3.0. or bob gear revolution.

It is one of the most equipped all-terrain jogging strollers available. BOB Gear is the best off-road stroller. You can also compare this to the revolution Flex Duallie.


BOB Best All-Terrain Jogging Stroller has a stylish and pretty sturdy design. It suited the stroller in all uneven terrain, whether gravel, sand, snow, or mud with its superb wheel suspension system. This Bob all-terrain stroller is easy to handle with a 1 hand quick-fold stroller. The smooth shot suspension along with the air-filled tires will help you explore different trains with your baby jogger.

The ergonomic hand brakes provide you with better and easy downhill control and give you full control with your fingertips, which will give you an easy balance ride on tour adventures. Along with the hand brakes, it comes with an easy flip-flop leg break.

They are well equipped with reflective rims to turn heads on the hiking trail, making it a good fit stroller for hiking or city streets with the Lunar fashion ultra-reflective. You can consider it a good off-road pram.

The jogger city select is comparable to the Bob Gear All Terrain Pro Jogger. An all-weather canopy will protect your child from sun rays as it has UV50+ protection along with 100 percent waterproof protection in rain. The canopy is large, and it comes to the knees for more protection.

With the impressive infinite recline, BOB All-Terrain PRO will provide your child with a comfortable sit-up. The BOB all-terrain pro comes with spacious and padded seats which will provide comfort to your child during jogging.

Also, do not forget the waterproof seats, they are easy to clean with the All-Terrain Lightweight, wet cloth. The bottom of the leg rest has a flip-up. The stroller travel system makes it easier for parents who like to travel.

Features BOB Gear Pro

The handle slides in and folds the best All Terrain strollers in half, but it lacks a carrying handle. Moving on to the harness, they redesign the buckle compared to the previous version. The straps are of shoulder height. The straps are comfortable and work well.

Talking about the travel system, you can use the jogger with infant car seats of a few different brands. Another impressive feature is its 75 pounds weight capacity best suitable for children up to 8 weeks.

The stroller has a 3-wheel design which suits jogging strollers. It will help with lightweight maneuverability and a super-smooth turn. This jogging stroller comes with a zip for the basket. The BOB All Terrains PRO is similar in looks to Thule Urban Glide 2. This is also the best off-road pram. This jogger has maintained the high-quality standard of the BOB brand.

It has a sturdy aluminum frame which makes this Stroller light. The fabric of the seat and canopy is comfortable and ventilated. Superb suspension, making it a smooth ride. Overall, the PRO is equipped and designed for your and your baby’s comfort. You can check the latest price on Amazon.


  • comes with all-terrain fit wheels and suspension that make your ride smooth.
  • This stroller is suitable for off-road.
  • The seat is padded, providing a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Long canopy with rain and sun protection.
  • Two different brakes, one hand brake, and one flip-flop leg brake
  • Easy one-hand control
  • The harness and the straps are comfortable.
  • Impressive reflective canopy trim along with rims in lunar fashion
  • Comes in handy with zipping for the basket


  • Heavy stroller which makes it difficult to lift
  • Difficult to fold
  • The buckle; of the harness can be stiff.

3. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight All-terrain Strollers

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Stroller, All Terrain Stroller
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Another bestseller on the list is the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller; the next generation of the Joovy jogging stroller line. It is a budget-friendly, featured, equipped all-terrain stroller. The front-wheel design may prove useful for jogging with the little one. We can also compare the Joovy Zoom 360 to the BOB gear revolution flex.


This ultra-light design of the Joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging strollers is because of its aluminum body. They claimed the updated design, which is made with 601 aircraft aluminum metal. The large wheel and air-filled design help smooth movement on rough terrains as well, providing your child with a comfortable ride.

Check the Stroller tires for air as you get the pump along with the stroller. Joovy Zoom’s air-filled tires and wheel design provide amazing suspension, making it a smooth ride for your child while you jog. Talking about the handlebar, it is non-adjustable, but they designed it in such a way that it works fine for parents with a height range of 5.5 to 6.1 as it is 4.1 above the ground.

Most of the parents say this stroller is easy to handle, as they can do pushing and steer with one hand. The seating area comes with a good ventilation fabric.

The seat is spacious as it has a width of 14 and a backrest of 22 inches. It is perfect for kids up to 75 pounds and ages up to 3 years. You can set the infinite recline according to your baby’s comfort. A 5-point harness provides extra support to keep your baby in a secure position.

The signature oversized canopy of the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight stroller comes with a Velcro closure. It also provides a magnificent view of the baby but can prove a little less effective in sun protection. This is also the best of all uneven-terrain jogging strollers.

Features Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight All-terrain Stroller

Another important aspect of the Joovy zoom 360 ultralight everyday strollers is their brakes. The one-step linked parking brake may be difficult to handle at first, but it becomes no deal in no time and it does the job.

The brakes provide a strong and nice lock. With maneuverability, this jogger is one of the easiest to push. It has a front-wheel locking system giving you an easy straight-line jogging experience. You will have full control while push-pull or turning.

The Joovy zoom 360 ultralight has a sturdy frame and sturdy fabric that comes with a leg rest and straps to give a steady position, proving itself best in quality compared to other joggers in this range. Coming to storage, the jogger has a nice and strong big basket. It also comes with a parent organizer that will make it easy for you.

They secured all the storage with a nice zip lock. Like every other jogger, it is difficult to fold and on folding. The size of the jogger is still big, but it is light despite its enormous size. The folding is easy. This has a seat recline which is great for a walk and sleep for the baby. Joovy is durable but the quality of the fabric is a little coarse. The seat and leg rest are padded, the straps of the harness are nice and smooth, and the super sturdy frame is less flexed.

These have spiked aluminum and pneumatic tires, making the ride comfortable. The comfortable average in size with a firm foam-covered handlebar which is a fixed height. The stroller has a non-adjustable rear suspension.


  • Joovy Zoom 360 has a lightweight aluminum body.
  • Easy one-hand control for easy maneuverability.
  • included a tire pump.
  • Budget-friendly
  • For infant 3 years old kids,
  • The air-filled tire and large wheel provide a smooth ride
  • Can handle all terrains.
  • Stable brake locks.


  • Not suitable for parents with a height of 5.4 feet
  • The size is enormous even after folding.
  • Brakes are difficult to use at the beginning
  • The car seat adapter is available. You can also check out for other infant car seat brands to go with the stroller.

4. GB Pockit Air All-Terrain, Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

Gb Pockit Stroller
GB + Pockit, Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

The next best all-terrain stroller on the list of our best all-terrain stroller wagon is GB Pockit Air All-terrain Stroller, an ultra-compact, lightweight travel stroller. The stroller is quite compact and lightweight, which is best if you and your loved ones are planning a trip with your toddler.

A compact and lightweight design are one of the great features that GB Pockit Air All terrain stroller, an ultra-compact, lightweight travel stroller offer to new parents by saving them from the hassle to handle a big and heavy stroller.

Whenever they are thinking about planning a trip to the beach, park, picnic, etc. GB + Pockit All-terrain, ultra-compact, lightweight travel stroller is also famous as the umbrella stroller in the parent community since it weighs 9 to 10 pounds on average.

However, do not judge its strength by its lightweight properties. With showing unbreakable strength, this baby wagon isn’t far behind any other heavyweight stroller on this list.


  • This Stroller is the best all-terrain stroller in 2020 because they made it for daily use with the highest quality material.
  • Besides this, the Stroller’s material is flexible, and that keeps the baby safe from all the roadblocks and rough roads.
  • GB + Pockit all-terrain also comes with a sun canopy that is UPF 50+ protection guaranteed.
  • This means taking a walk at the beach or in the shade of trees in a park. Its canopy is going to protect you and your child from all the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • The size of the canopy is big enough to protect the baby from the sun, as well rain and the wind. It is also one of the few strollers with suspension.
  • This everyday stroller has two wheels at the front and 1 wheel at the back the front is swivel wheels.
  • These all-terrain wheels make it very easy for parents to move or turn the stroller while walking without breaking a sweat.
  • Also, for increased stability on uneven terrains, parents can turn on the lock switch on the wheels to stop it from moving or taking a turn in any unwanted direction.


The minimum weight recommendation for the Best All Terrain strollers is around 3 KG, as well as the maximum recommended weight for the stroller, are 55 pounds (around 25 KG). With its ability to carry over 50 pounds, the GB + Pockit all-terrain stroller allows you to use a single stroller for the first 3 to 4 years of your child’s life rather than changing the stroller every once or twice a year.

There are no batteries required for the use of this stroller. Besides this, once the stroller is folded, it will be around 13.4*7.9*16.5 cm in dimension. With only 5 kg of weight, the stroller is more than compact and handy even with a mom.

We chose this stroller to be on this list of the best strollers, if you were ever in need of a stroller that is both beautifully crafted and convenient for every type of terrain, then GB + Pockit shall be your choice.

This lightweight all terrain stroller is easy to add to the car seats for safe driving. Besides this, the stroller comes with two different lifestyle settings, which makes it adaptable for a growing child with the need for replacement.

It is one of the very few strollers that makes sure that your child is both secure and comfortable at the same time.


  • This one is easy to fold, unfold and carry
  • Room for the child to grow.
  • Value for money
  • quality material made.
  • Small and cabin size
  • everyday use Stroller


  • The stroller cannot recline
  • GB + Pockit stroller is hard for first-timers to assemble.
  • Needs a little practice before folding and unfolding it easily.

5. Thule Urban Glide 2, Best Stroller for dirt Roads.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller
Thule Urban Glide 2 Best all-terrain double jogging stroller

Next on our list is the updated version of the Thule Urban Glide, which is one bestseller. Thule urban glide is a performance stroller. The Thule Urban Glide 2 comes with fresh looks and has improvements from its previous version.

It is durable and one of the best running strollers on the market. This perfect stroller comes with a 75-pound weight capacity. It also comes with car seat compatibility and has a quick folding mechanism.

Let us start with the canopy. This double stroller comes with pretty impressive sun protection coverage. A two-panel canopy also has a black mesh panel that protects your baby from the sun’s glare.

The canopy is UPF50+ protected. They covered the window of the mesh with magnet closure. The handlebar is adjustable and is suitable for both tall and short parents. The soft foam grip provides comfort to one’s hands.

Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Stroller
all-terrain stroller

Facts about this all terrain stroller

  • The handlebar has additional wrist straps that will provide additional control and safety while you jog.
  • The seat is very spacious; it can accommodate up to 75 pounds. As it is large enough for 6-year-old kids. An infinite recline seat that will provide your child comfort while sleeping or enjoying the view.
  • Along with this, you can also convert it into a travel system by adding the seat car. Talking about additional storage, we find little here in the double stroller.
  • It has only 2 mesh pockets for keeping a few items and the back also has a storage pocket where you can keep your insignificant items.
  • It has a large-size storage basket with enough space for keeping diaper bags, and bottles secured by a zipper. Talking about safety, it comes with a padded 5-point harness.
  • These harnesses are adjustable; the buckle has 2 buttons that aid the buckle. The buckle is difficult for the child to open, as it requires both hands to ensure safety.

Features Thule Urban Glide 2

This best all-terrain double jogging Stroller has three air-filled wheels. The dimension of the front wheel is 12 and for the back tires, it is 16 inches. The looking system in the front tire is very effective in directing straight on rough terrains. There is a small knob-like on the wheel which secures the front wheel lock.

The fender will help you on terrains with mud and dirt. The reflective rims ensured additional safety. An additional feature that ensures a smooth and comfy ride is the back-wheel suspension system.

Thule Urban Glide 2 rear suspension system will maintain comfort for your child even when you are on bumpy and rough terrain. The brakes are a twisted hand brake design that will increase your control when going downhill or on bumpy roads.

The parking brake is one-foot-operated; this foot brake, besides the hand brake, provides an additional stronger parking brake. The best All Terrain strollers come with a one-hand fold mechanism. Under the footrest is a blue handle that, when turned folds right away. In a true All-Terrain, rides overall-Terrain Rides Overall-hand fold stroller.

This stroller remains locked in place by the auto-lock. Thule Urban glides proves to be one of the best all-terrain umbrella strollers. As well, it is the most comfortable stroller for you and your baby. The wheel designs and add-ons provide effective maneuverability. Also, the extendable handle is a value addition.


  • The hand brake system twists for control on downhill terrain
  • The Infinite recline seat aids in the comfort.
  • The reflective lining of the canopy ensures additional safety along with the tire rims
  • They ensured large storage basket safety with zip closure
  • Peek-a-boo with a mesh window
  • Weight capacity 75 pounds
  • Light to carry
  • Can use as an infant car seat.
  • A 5-point harness system
  • Comfortable handle and easy one-hand glide
  • The extendable and telescopic handlebar


  • The stroller is expensive
  • The parent console is negative.
  • Too big for a small car trunk.

6. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger All-Terrain Strollers

Baby Trend Expedition
Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

Now coming on the list is the Baby Trend Stroller, which is one of the best sellers on amazon.

It turns out to be the best in class and is super affordable. When compared to other strollers, the baby trend expedition jogging stroller turns out to be the best in class. The trend expedition has a special bicycle-style design that gives it travel system adaptability.

It will give your baby an easy ride on sandy beaches, gravel, and other rough terrain & nature paths.


  • The everyday stroller comes with a  front wheel lock that provides better maneuverability.
  • It has a narrow design and the shorter wheelbase makes it easy to make turns. Its lightweight design makes it far easier to push and gives better control. It all together better controls gravel and can handle uneven terrain easily.
  • To fold the stroller is super easy.
  • A side lever of the expedition slid up and pulled with both hands, placing it under the seat. They also equipped it with a self-stand. The jogger stroller folds smaller if the front wheel is removed, making it more compact than average joggers.
  • Talking about brakes that are double action that is to engage the brakes, one needs to press the two pedals. This double-pedal system provides an additional grip on the brakes. This baby trend stroller has an average-sized canopy.
  • The canopy also includes a small mesh window giving an eek boo small size window. They provided additional protection by a visor that allows the canopy to rotate to the front of the headwinds to the low sun. The 5-point harness system keeps the baby steady in position.


The harness is easy to put on and put off. Then again, it has adjustable straps according to the shoulder height and adjustable scorch straps. The specs’ stroller weight is light compared to other strollers on the list. The straps are not too padded, but that will not be a problem at all.

To make your baby comfortable, the baby trend expedition stroller comes in this case with a multi-position recline. It has a hand-easy-to-use recline.

An infinite recline aids your baby from sitting up straight to taking a comfortable nap. This infinite recline seat can adjust. This regular Stroller seat will provide the best comfort to your baby. It has hood ventilation.

On the negative side, the handlebar is not adjustable, but it has a foam cover that provides you with more comfort. Its weight is less, and it also has a compact size when folded. Therefore, the baby trend expedition is easy to lift, carry and store in small spaces.

This regular stroller has storage on storage. Besides its compact design, this everyday stroller takes good care of your and your baby’s storage needs. It has a large storage compartment for your little one. The base compartment is for your baby’s diaper and your utensils.

It also includes a child snack tray with two cup holders. In addition, it also has one parent tray with 2 cup holders. In short, as stated above, the stroller is foldable and can carry in your car. A trigger fold reduces the stroller size effortlessly.


  • It is lightweight & comes with a steel frame
  • The everyday-use stroller is on the affordable side
  • A large basket & folding is easy
  • A large canopy protects the child
  • It comes with a Parent snack Tray with two cup holders.
  • Extra padding provides a comfortable seat
  • A rubber handle allows you to push with less effort.
  • A 5-point harness.
  • Recline facility aids
  • accept infant car seats
  • baby trend car seat


  • Non-adjustable handlebar.
  • Lack of proper suspension
  • The stiff foot brakes can be an issue.

7. Baby Jogger City Mini 2

Baby jogger City Mini 2
Baby Jogger City Mini 2

Finishing our list with the Best All Terrain Stroller 2021. yes, this 2020 model was a hit in 2021. This jogger city mini 2 is a large full-sized stroller with features.

It is a big wheel stroller making it a suitable choice for off-road prams. It comes on the expensive side, but this city mini 2 is worth every single penny with its best-in-class feature. We also know this as the best all-terrain pushchair.


  • Pushing this great stroller is easy and light despite its large body. The adjustable handlebar helps you find the most comfortable position for you according to your height.
  • Now talking about its single front wheel, which has a forever-filled rubber tier and has all-wheel suspension. One can lock the front wheel for better maneuverability over the rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Steering is easy because of the pivoting front wheel. Coming on to the seats, the stroller seat on this jogger city mini can recline flat and the toggle straps can come together.
  • The footrest comes up according to the flat napping position. This has cost the space in the everyday stroller. Baby Jogger has done a pretty impressive job with the comfortable padded seats.


Baby jogger city mini is compatible with a range of infant car seat carriers. These joggers come with a click-in-the-car seat adapter.

The harness is challenging compared to the previous version of the jogger; it has a sliding button design. The city Mini buckle is hard to push. They separated the shoulder straps from the waist, which makes it hard to strap back in.

Moving on, they designed the canopy with UV50 protection. The sunshade pulls all the way down with a lightweight peek-a-boo window, which is impressive. The canopy has a magnet closure cover that pee-a-boo can roll up.

Another important aspect of the baby jogger city mini stroller is the folding and portability. Baby Trend Jogger is super compact and can carry with one arm life. Folding the stroller is easy.

You can carry it from one place to another and it fits in your trunk. It also weighs less than 20 lbs. Jogger city mini storage is not that impressive. There is not enough space to put a large diaper bag. A parent console is available.

The back pocket has a limit of 2 lbs. So, we can say that storage is not a strong suit for this jogger. They upgraded brakes to hand-operated. Baby Trend can assemble joggers and has a manual direction. The frame is sturdy, and the price range is reasonable, which may not say the best.

The new fabric design makes it sleek, easy to handle, and jog. City mini 2 is a very versatile and pretty lightweight stroller. They load it with safety features. They make the seat of comfortable fabric.

A sleek three-wheel design makes it easy to glide on all kinds of terrains without hard effort. To maneuver this stroller is as easy as butter. The handle breaks along with the hand brakes giving parents full control.


  • Baby jogger city mini 2 has a large canopy
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • The all-wheel suspension provides an easy ride on rough terrain.
  • Forever rubber will prevent punctures in the tire.
  • This is an everyday stroller
  • This regular stroller is a compact fold


  • The storage space does not impress.
  • Hand brakes are not sturdy


Here we have seen the 7 best budget all-terrain strollers available in the market. The list has included all the important factors that one may look at in an all-terrain pushchair. These all-terrain baby strollers are the best in class.

They have made it to our list because of the unique features that make them stand alone in their unique way. We have tested them to suit your requirements.  Our favorite all terrain strollers make an excellent choice in this list of all-terrain baby strollers.

Now let us sum up the 3-wheel stroller is a brilliant choice for jogging. Whereas the 4-wheeler is not suitable. The 3-wheel stroller makes it easy to maneuver, and smooth movement. These are more stable in uneven, and very bumpy terrain.

Most all-terrain strollers are not only suitable for adventure rides but also for daily travel, as they are compact and portable. The front-wheel lock is suitable for steady movement.

When we say all-terrain baby strollers, that means it is suitable for smooth roads, bumpy roads, cobbler-stone roads, graveled roads, and even sandy beaches. These joggers take care of your baby’s comfort, no matter the surface. Your baby will enjoy the ride with you.

Most Simple stroller: Thule Urban Glide 2

Budget stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Stroller

Lightweight: Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller

Best overall rides: All Terrain stroller

Most Versatile: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Not all strollers are alike; each has its unique features. You must go for the one that suits your family’s comfort and lifestyle. The factors like the wheel, suspension, storage, recline seat, and the height of the hand holder. You should consider the car seat adaptability before you select a stroller.

In summary, if you love hiking, moving beside the beach, and roaming in the park with your little one, then an All-Terrain Stroller can make your trip super easy. These off-road strollers will make your family adventures safe. You are all set to explore the world and unfamiliar terrain.





Britax B-Free

BOB Gear All Terrain Pro 

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

GB + Pockit All-Terrain

Thule Urban Glide 2,

Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Jogger City Mini 2