Bob Ironman Double Stroller

Bob Ironman

The Ironman BOB Stroller has a rather distinguished designation of meeting up to stringent requirements from the Ironman Triathlon program. But if you’re in the process of shopping for a BOB stroller to fit your needs. There is some information you should have to make an informed choice.

When is the Bob Ironman Double Stroller the Right Choice?

When you are a serious athlete, If you are a runner and a participant in the Ironman (or Irongirl) program, this is a great choice. It’s the lightest of all BOB strollers; it is also quite sturdy and able to withstand rigorous conditions. It can be used offroad or on the road, but the wheels and slick, high-quality tires really “shine” with their road performance.

When it’s worth the investment –If you are a serious athlete with small children, the investment in the Ironman stroller will likely be worth it. If not, you may want to consider another model.

When it comes to parents wanting to get fit but take their children out with them, then it is worth considering purchasing a Bob double stroller. There are several models available. So it would help if you looked at what form of fitness you intend to undertake.

Below we take a quick look at the various models of Bob ironman double strollers offers. For those parents wanting to stay fit and healthy.

Revolution Duallie –

It is the perfect double stroller for parents to take their children out when jogging but also when they go shopping. The revolving wheels. This particular model makes it very easy to maneuver even around very tight corners when out shopping. And they can also be locked in place. So when it comes to jogging with the stroller, they won’t interrupt the parent’s flow of movement.

Ironman Duallie –

It is the Bob double stroller for those parents who are very keen joggers. This one weighs considerably less than the Revolution and comes with aluminum wheels fitted with smooth tires. So the ride for the children sat in it is very soft indeed. Yet although this may be the lightest of all the Bob Double strollers available, it is also quite strong, so making it very durable.

Sport Utility –

It is the ideal double stroller for those parents who prefer to go off-road. This particular model comes with polymer wheels, so traction is far better across rough terrain. Plus again, as with the Ironman model comes with fixed wheels. Making it perfect for those parents who want to get fit and want their children to enjoy the great outdoors with them even at a young age.


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