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10 Best Stroller Board: Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Best Stroller Board

There are so many good reasons you should get the stroller board. Maybe you are having a baby when you already have a toddler. Or you just do not wish to buy a double stroller and save the extra money. You wish to go on an outing with your baby in a stroller and your older child wants to join.

Arguing with him is not the solution. But you worry, because it is a tough thing to look after your little one when he is roaming around, and you have to look after your small baby too. To solve these kinds of problems, all you need to do is add an extra stroller board for your stroller so that your older child can join you and his little sibling, too.

Some jogging strollers come with included boards. If your stroller does not have one, then you can purchase a buggy for it. Let’s get to know about the best baby stroller boards you can buy:

1. Britax Best Universal Stroller Board

best stroller board, Britax Board,
Best Stroller Board, Britax Board

You need a stroller board when you wish to provide an extra ride for your additional child.

And Britax Stroller Board can be a good option for having that extra convenience because this board is compatible with most strollers, which makes it a universal buggy board. Let’s find out why Britax universal buggy board can be a good option for you:


This ride onboard is compatible with B-SCENE, B-AGILE, BLINK, B-NIMBLE, B-READY, BRITAX AFFINITY, BOB Motion, BOB Revolution SE, Revolution FLEX, Revolution CE, Revolution PRO, IRONMAN, Sport Utility Stroller, and Stroller Strides. Britax l stroller board is universal and compatible with both vertical and horizontal buggy frames. This baby glider board is compatible with most strollers because it has a three-way adjustable attachment system.

Three wheels with independent suspensions:

You can attach the Britax to your stroller with no hassle and go on an outing with your children. The Britax stroller Board comes with an independent suspension system. This ensures full comfort and proper control of mobility, even in uneven terrain.

Britax Stroller Board has three wheels and the board can carry up to 50 pounds. Three wheels can carry more weight compared to other stroller boards and a three-wheel system also offers more maneuverability.

Easy installation system:

This baby’s stroller board can attach and detach easily. They design this Stroller feature and call it a stand attachment system. The installation process is simple because of this feature. This universal stroller board comes with an adjustable system based on the height of your toddler.

Storage strap:

If you are not using the board, you can use the storage strap to keep it away from your feet and out of the way by holding the board up.

Research and reviews:

This ride-on board is suitable for kids in less than 36 months. The maximum weight recommendation for this board is up to 50 pounds. The weight of this riding board itself is 4.56 pounds.



This stroller board is compatible with most strollers.

Proper mobility with three wheels

suspension systems for utmost comfort

easy installation

Lose smoothness in bumpy terrain 

Expert opinion:

The versatility of these best stroller boards makes this ride-on board an exceptional piece of gadget for carrying your child. This board is compatible with many strollers. A universal board comes with an easy installation system and can attach to both vertical and horizontal buggy frames. These universal stroller boards have three wheels with independent suspensions. Therefore, the Britax Board brings both comfort and convenience together.

2. BabyJogger Glider Board

Best Stroller Board
Baby jogger stroller ride

You have been using the baby stroller for a while and if you think you love it, then this jogging baby board is the one you should have. Let’s find out some features and benefits of a baby glider board:

Compatible with Baby-Jogger strollers:

The jogger Glider Board for the stroller is compatible with strollers such as; City select, City select lux, City mini 2, and City mini GT2. If you are a fan of baby jogger strollers, then this is a must-have baby’s stroller board for your expanding family.

It is too easy to attach to the stroller because this stroller board comes with an easy connector system. You can attach it to the rear rod of the stroller. Attach in no time, and you are ready to go with your child. When not in use, this buggy board for the stroller will flip out of the way. A Jogger Glider Board for a stroller is perfect for your older child when he wants to get a ride on the walk.

No slippery surface:

To ensure the safety of your little one, this Jogger stroller Board comes with a non-slippery surface. This non-skid surface of this baby stroller board provides your child with a proper grip so that there is no possibility of him falling and getting injured. It is a safety feature that is seen on most boards for a stroller.

Can fold with stroller:

You can fold the stroller even when you attach the board to it. This Stroller standing board can carry a kid who weighs up to 45lb. However, this ride-on board is our recommendation not to use while jogging.

Extended research:

This baby’s board has an easy attachable system with the rear axle of the stroller along with the non-skid surface, bringing both convenience and safety together. The non-slippery surface is essential for ensuring the safety of the child and this board also lets the child stand with full comfort on the riding board.



Compatible with many baby jogger models. 

Easy attaching system. 

Non-skid surface on this board for a stroller.

The stroller can tip over backward if the toddler steps on the boar

cannot really reach the brake of the stroller with your foot,

Stroller will NOT fold up if the board is attached

Expert opinion:

The jogger glider board is a new model that is suitable for many baby jogger models. This baby board is suitable for both genders and does not require any additional thing to function. It weighs only 5.75 pounds, with a carrying weight limit of 45lb.


Best Stroller Board

Super light:
If you have been looking for the lightest stroller board for you so that you can stroll with peace, saving more energy while enjoying more comfort, then BABYZEN YOY jogger glider is the one you should opt for.

BABYZEN YOYO Board is renowned for its versatility. It is one of the most versatile stroller boards on the market. This board is full of exceptional features and, as a result, this skateboard is quite easy to attach. It looks much stylish and offers much portability. BABYZEN YOYO baby board can carry a child and take the weight limit up to 44lbs.

Riding options:
Its versatility makes this baby’s best stroller board come up with two different riding options for your kids because this is a board with a seat. If your little one is tired of walking and just wants to stand on the board while you stroll, then he can do that. Even if your child is tired of standing, he can also sit on the board with its saddle-style seating position. Your child has both the choice of standing and sitting.

No matter what mode your kid prefers, he can always enjoy the ride with full comfort with this DIY board. We all know how kids can be. Their modes keep swinging from minute to minute.

More convenience:
You can use the BABYZEN YOYO stroller boards with a seat for the YOYO stroller. They make it only for their strollers. For more convenience, BABYZEN YOYO Board comes with a one-click installment system. You can attach this buggy board with a seat using only one hand and one click. You can store BABYZEN YOYO Board in two unique positions for more shrinkage and minimum bulk.

Extended reviews:

This baby board takes only 20 seconds to attach. You can make it click into the right place using only one hand. Detaching it is also a super simple task. The removable seat makes this skateboard for a stroller easier to store.



On and off with easy clicking

An anti-slippery surface on this ride

Comes with suspension for the wheels

Single-handed insert and remove convenience

Removable buggy board seats

Is not adjustable

Seat is hard

Difficult to walk behind the buggy

Hard to reach the handlebar

Expert opinion:

BABYZEN YOYO’s best stroller Boards come with a feature that offers your child the freedom to both stand and sits whenever he wants. And you can also attach and detach the extra seat on this buggy board with a seat whenever you like. This is quite impressive about these baby boards. Kids from 2 to 5 years old can use this board when their little legs want some rest.

4. Bugaboo Board.

Bugaboo seat glider, best stroller board
Bugaboo seat

Bugaboo-wheeled best stroller boards are perfect for parents who want to go out with a toddler and a baby. Strolling with multiple children is easier with this DIY board. If you want to go shopping in the city center, whether in the local market or going out for a walk to enjoy the weather or to stay fit, Bugaboo wheeled Board can be an excellent choice. This board will save you from a tough time. Let’s see what makes this DIY board a good option for you:

Both seating and standing options: We know how indecisive toddlers are. They wish to stand and ride and other times; they wish to sit. This decision keeps changing on and on. Therefore, Bugaboo wheeled the stroller Board with a seat that offers both options for your child. These buggy boards seat is detachable. You can install it and detach it as per the need of your kid.

High compatibility: Bugaboo wheeled board is compatible. You can connect this board to the Fox models and Bugaboo Bee5. You can also attach it to the stroller’s models which include: Cameleon 3, Cameleon, Donkey, Buffalo, Bee3, Donkey 2, and Bee + Bugaboo strollers.

Versatility for more convenience: Bugaboo’s stroller board comes with more flexible positioning compared to other boards. You can position this stroller board with a seat to the left or right from the center based on your preference and comfort. This DIY board also leaves more walking space so that you can walk without worrying at all about bumping your feet on the board. You can keep this ride onboard for the stroller out of the way when the board is of no use to you by clicking it up.

Reliable: This ride-on board meets all your expectations. They made it sturdy, to provide robust reliability. This board comes with wheels that ensure a smooth ride. Bugaboo wheeled Board can carry a child who weighs up to 44lbs.

Extended research:

Bugaboo wheeled Board weighs 4.19 pounds. The frame material is plastic. Its age range is suitable for toddlers. Its convenient versatility, easy-to-attach system, robust reliability, and both sitting and standing positions make it suitable for many parents out there carrying their children.



Stroller board is compatible with many models

Sitting and standing on this buggy board

It offers robust reliability

Riding board has a detachable seat.

Needs an additional “accessory” to attach this to the stroller

Does not work well with the Bugaboo Chameleon

It uncomfortable

Instructions not clearly

Expert opinion:

Sitting and standing convenience makes these stroller boards with a seat an ideal stroller because toddlers are quite indecisive. Robust reliability and versatility are also essential for meeting all your expectations on the best stroller ride on board

5. The Englacha Easy Rider Trailer,

Englacha Easy Rider Trailer, best stroller board
Englacha Easy Rider

Englacha easy rider trailer is a familiar name in the world of baby strollers because it is compatible with many strollers from different brands and it is affordable. Therefore, it is a universal buggy board. Let’s see why you can choose Englacha easy rider trailer for your family:


Englacha easy rider stroller board is perfect for you if you love to go on an outing for a long time. This universal stroller board is suitable for long walks. If your child does not want to sit anymore on the stroller then this is the solution you need. These universal stroller boards with a seat are also the perfect solution for your child when he feels tired of walking. One note about Englacha easy rider buggy board is that the board is not universal. However, the included adapters are universal.

Attach to most strollers: You can use these Englacha best stroller boards for several brands too. If it is a brand that is not Englacha, then all you have to do is stick the adapters to the back of the strollers into the horizontal rod. According to Englacha, this stroller board you can attach to any Pram using their adapters.

Many variations: Englacha boards have many variations. There are two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and one standing position board. The two-wheeler and four-wheeler versions of this universal board seat come with a seat with a seatbelt and handlebar for the utmost comfort of your child.

Comfy and durable: This universal board with a seat comes with a sturdy rear frame that provides much durability. With a storage trap in this universal buggy board, you can put it away when it is unnecessary.

Research and reviews:

The easy rider buggy’s stroller board is quick and easy to use. This stroller board with a seat offers a life-changing experience with many variations. This easy-rider buggy board makes the comfort meet convenience.



Stroller board is compatible with all strollers

Cost- efficient

Storage trap makes it easier to store

Difficult to turn and back up

This riding board can tip over on uneven sidewalks or on bumpy terrains.

This board is heavier compared to the others.

Expert opinion:

You own different models of strollers or if you plan to buy a new stroller, then Englacha easy rider is the one you can go for because of its compatibility. Its adapter system makes these universal stroller boards compatible with most brands, which is a great convenience for any stroller user.

6. Evenflo Rider Universal Stroller Board

Evenflo Rider Board, Best Stroller Board
Evenflo Rider Board

If you own an Evenflo and need extra room for your expanding family and growing up toddler, then Evenflo Stroller Rider is the one you should opt for.

Why choose this baby board? Let’s find out:

Attachable: The Evenflo Rider stroller board is hassle-free. For instance, it takes seconds to attach the board. This best stroller board comes with an easy-stand attachment system. It required no additional parts or tools to attach to this buggy board. You just click at the back of the frame of the stroller.

Compatible with Evenflo strollers: As this is an Evenflo Rider Board, this is only suitable for Evenflo Strollers. If you are wondering about the stroller models, then the models include Shyft Travel System, Pivot Xpand, and Pivot Xpand travel system strollers.

Sturdy wheels for any terrain:
Evenflo Rider comes with sturdy wheels to ensure better control and mobility. These wheels of this baby board follow the stroller across dangerous terrain like uneven sidewalks and bumpy roads with full smoothness.

Non-skid board surface: The surface of this baby board is non-skid so that your child gets a proper grip and prevents any chance of falling or slipping from the buggy board.

Coated in wood applique: They coated the Stroller ride on Board in a wood applique to add an aesthetic vibe and increase durability. As a result, you can treat this standing board like any other you would use. The Evenflo Rider Board can carry a child who weighs up to 50 pounds.


Evenflo Stroller Rider offers an easy-to-use riding option with no extra tools or additional parts. They designed this platform for both single and double strollers and offer both the convenience of riding and standing.



Non-skid baby board surface

can attach this board with no additional gadgets

Sleek design with Wood applique

Suitable for single and double Evenflo strollers

The wheels make noises.

it is a bit of a way to walk and push.

Does not fit to all Strollers

Expert opinion:

Evenflo Rider provides optimal safety with wheels that provide a smooth ride and sleek wood applique which increases durability. The non-skid surface makes this buggy board safer for children.

7. Joolz Black Footboard


Best Stroller Board
Joolz black Footboard

If you own a stroller for your child that comes from the Joolz brand, then Joolz Black Footboard is the right one that you need for your extra convenience. It is a widely used buggy glider among Joolz stroller users. Let’s see why you can go for it too:

Suitable for many strollers: Joolz day black is suitable for toddlers who weigh up to 44 pounds. It works super fine and smoothly with the Joolz Hub, Day3, Joolz Geo, and Joolz Geo2. If you own any of these strollers, then the Joolz Black best stroller board is a must for you.

Plenty of space to keep the feet: Joolz day black Footboard is quite spacious. As a result, your child gets plenty of space to keep their feet with ease and full comfort. The plenty of room for their feet makes this board a lovable and enjoyable one for your children.

Large-size wheels:

Joolz day black stroller Footboard not only comes with plenty of space but also two big-size wheels. These large-size wheels of this baby board provide exceptional mobility with proper stability and control. Folds along with the stroller: Joolz day black Footboard offers the convenience of being folded along with the stroller. And this glider does not even make the stroller bulky after being folded along with it.

No more worrying about your stride: This baby board decreases the worry of parents with long legs. You do not have to decrease your stride as a tall parent when you are using this board. Joolz makes the design so that you do not hit the board or step on it by mistake while on the go.

Non-skid surface: Joolz day’s stroller board comes with grooves on the surface so that your child gets an extra grip on their feet. It prevents the possibility of falling from the ride. This non-skid material is essential for your child to ensure both safety and comfort. You can access the brake, even when you are using his standing board so that the stopping process becomes effortless.


Better control and mobility with the large size wheels and as this baby board is more spacious, the kids feel more comfortable while standing on it. As a tall parent, you do not have to worry about your stride because your feet won’t bump into the stroller. The non-skid surface of these buggy boards provides an amazing grip.



Attach this board with no additional gadgets

The brakes are often blocked by the board when the stroller is folded

Enough space for the feet.

it’s noisy when strolling without anybody on it

Does not fit to all Strollers

isn't easy to remove when you don't want to use it

Expert opinion:

If you own any of Joolz Hub, Day3, Joolz Geo, or a Joolz Geo2, then Joolz recommends for you ensure a child’s safety, comfort, and expectation.

8. Lascal Stroller Board “Maxi”

Best Stroller Board
Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi

Lascal is a renowned brand. It has been around since 1995. Therefore, if you have been looking for a flexible baby glider, then this is the one you should opt for.

Why choose the Lascal Buggyboard maxi? Let’s find out why:

Compatible with most strollers: What makes Lascal Buggyboard maxi more exceptional? This universal board with a seat is compatible with over 95 percent of the strollers out there, which makes them outstanding universal buggy boards for you to choose from. Doesn’t matter whatever brand you are using because the stroller board can go along and suit itself with any of it. It is quite compatible with baby grace strollers. Because this one fits with the grace models.

Lascal buggy ride comes with a designed Lascal Universal connector kit so that you can attach it to any stroller from any brand. Super easy and quick to attach, secure and safe for your child.

Offers full safety: As Lascal Buggyboard is sturdy, it can offer full safety in any situation. Before coming out of the market, the model had to go through some rigorous testing so that it offers both high durability and safety. This feature also makes a board with a seat quite durable.

Can carry more weight: Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi with seat is suitable for almost 6 years old kids because it can carry a kid who weighs up to 44 pounds. Most other stroller boards cannot carry this much weight. So, if you have a child who is growing up fast, then you can go for this one.



Compatible with almost all the strollers

Easy to install and remove


Wide base to easily stand on

Holds only up to 44 lbs

Strap can fell off 

Hard to maneuver

Difficulties if to fold it with the stroller

Utmost comfort: The high-quality wheels of this board with a seat come with a top-notch suspension system for absorbing bumps from uneven terrains. The wheels are large so that there is enough room underneath the board for going through rough terrains.

9. Mountain Buggy Free rider

Best Stroller Board
Mountain Buggy Free rider

The Mountain buggy free-rider is an outstanding piece of stroller-scooter that your child will surely love.

These best stroller boards are a favorite thing for children because this baby glider can become a board for a scooter in seconds. Let’s see some features of the Mountain buggy free-rider that might make you consider owning it:

Stroller board, and scooter, two in one:

Mountain buggy free-rider results from out-of-the-box thinking. It comes with a patented attachment system. Once you detach it, it is a scooter that your child can enjoy riding. And when you feel like attaching it to your buggy, it converts into a board. Its rear wheel has two modes for more convenience. One is the board mode, and another one is the full-swivel castor position mode for scooter mode. In scooter mode, there is a braking system on the rear wheel.

Adjustable handles for different heights: It offers an adjustable handlebar system. If your child is growing faster, then there is nothing to worry about with this board. Because its handle has an adjustable system and it can grow taller and get shorter based on your child’s needs.

Light-up wheels design: Each wheel contains three lights inside. There is a magnetic power generator for powering the lights of the wheels. When the Mountain buggy free-rider is in motion, the red, green, and blue blur of light glow. Kids just love it and love to show it off to their friends.

Stowaway effortlessly: When you are not using Mountain buggy free rider during your outing, you can pop it up in the back of the stroller and attach it to the provided cord so that it stays still without your extra effort. You do not have to carry it or put in any extra effort to keep it with you while you are on the go.

Truck steering: With the truck steering system of this ride onboard for the stroller, the child can lean his body from side to side for easy turning. These stroller boards features offer proper stability with much more core balance.

Extended reviews:

Mountain buggy free-rider is the most versatile and kids will love it as a gift. It will be a favorite thing for them to play with. It is a robust product and yet small at the same time. In busy streets, you can keep it connected with the stroller to ensure the safety of your child. In free streets, you can let your kid roam with the scooter mode.



Adjustable handlebar for different heights

Easy to install and remove

a two-in-one system with scooter and stroller board

Wheels to flexible and stiff

The adapter for holding the scooter is bulky

Difficult to turn the stroller with the child riding on the scooter

Expert opinion:

Once you use this board, you will love it because of the overall features this riding board comes with. It has minimal movement and proper stability on smooth ground. You will not need too much extra effort to push to make this baby board follow the pushchair.

10. UPPAbaby Cruz PiggyBack Ride along with a Stroller Board

Best Stroller Board
UPPAbaby Cruz PiggyBack Ride-Along Board

The UPPAbaby PiggyBack is one of the stroller boards on the market. Why choose UPPAbaby PiggyBack? Let’s find out:

Suitable for all UPPAbaby Cruz strollers: This one is the best suited for a UPPAbaby Cruz Pram. The old buggy board of this model was only perfect for models before 2014, but this one goes along with the latest models because this skateboard is the upgraded version.

Can carry up to 55 pounds: When you are out with your toddler and he feels like he needs a break from walking, he can hop on this UPPAbaby PiggyBack board and offer some rest to his legs. This baby board can carry a child who weighs up to 55 pounds.

Folds with the stroller: Your toddler can stand on this skateboard for a stroller within the handlebar having a grip while on the go, and having no fear of falling. UPPAbaby PiggyBack can fold with your stroller when you need it folded after your outing with your children. It saves both time and effort by offering much more convenience for you.

Eco-friendly material: To make the world a better place, we should increase the use of eco-friendly materials. It will increase the sustainability of our planet. One of the best things about UPPAbaby PiggyBack is that they made it of eco-friendly material. The Wood is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and durable.

Non-skid surface: UPPAbaby PiggyBack also comes with a non-skid system on the surface. It ensures extra protection for your child. The non-skid surface of UPPAbaby PiggyBack is necessary to prevent any probability of sliding in any situation. The non-skid surface in UPPAbaby PiggyBack applies to increase the efficiency of friction.

Extended reviews:

UPPAbaby PiggyBack comes with a sleek design that is made of wood and plastic. They designed this baby board to be used with the UPPAbaby Vista Pram in 2015, and then it became a suitable board for an easy and perfect outing.

 Expert opinion: For the Best Stroller Board

If you want to keep things simple while you are on the go, then UPPAbaby PiggyBack makes a great board for your child because it folds with the Pram, making the adventure with your children easier for you.



suitable for all the UPPAbaby Cruz strollers.

Comes with a non-skid surface

eco-friendly material and durable.

smooth ride

The indentation on the surface of the board makes it difficult to jump on and off.

Fold the stroller, it shows a tendency to drop back out

With so many options out there, sometimes it can be quite tough to choose the right one. Now, you have read about the top boards you can buy in 2022. You can choose the best-suited one for you based on your needs and preferences.