Swivel Wheel Vs Fixed Wheel of Jogging Strollers

Swivel Wheel

When shopping for a new jogging stroller, it is essential to know the differences between products on the market. You need to find out which will work best for you and your situation. There are significant differences between the fixed wheel and swivel wheel strollers, both boasting many pros with a few cons.

So, which Stroller is best for you? Well, that depends mostly on how you are planning on using the Stroller. Are you a serious runner, or do you want something that will help you take a leisurely stroll through a park? Let’s examine the differences between the strollers and hopefully help you decide which Stroller would work best for you.                                                                                                             

Fixed Wheel Stroller:

The fixed wheel stroller is the traditional choice for those using it primarily for jogging or serious running. The front-wheel stays forward in a direction, and the Stroller can only be turned by grasping the handlebar. It can help in lifting the front end of the Stroller and turning it yourself. It can be accomplished while cruising with a little inconvenience for indoor use or when in an area that requires a lot of turning.

With the front wheel that keeps your direction going in a straight line, the effort needed from you to push the Stroller will be minimal. It is, of course, beneficial for the jogger or runner that requires most of their energy exerted into the legs. Their pace will remain stable. The wheels’ size is significantly larger than those of a swivel wheel stroller. It will make the ride much smoother and more comfortable for your child.

Swivel Wheel Stroller:

A swivel wheel stroller seems to be the most popular choice among those planning on using it for more than just jogging or running. The swivel wheel was only introduced a few years ago and has been in high demand due to the Stroller’s flexibility. A front wheel that can turn on a dime is very convenient for everyday errands such as grocery shopping and is even easy to maneuver through malls and outlet stores.

Both types of strollers are available in single or double models and come in various colors and styles. Once again, the best way to pick the Stroller that’s right for you is to decide how you will mainly use it. If you are mostly focusing on serious running or jogging, the fixed wheel will be your best bet. If you have a lifestyle that requires your Stroller flexibility, you may want to consider a swivel wheel.

Strolling with your child presents inherent safety risks. However, proper use of the Stroller reduces the risk of injury to yourself, your child, and others. This instruction manual guides you in detail about the appropriate use of your Stroller’s features. 

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