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11 Best Stroller for Air Travel, Reviews 2023 and Buying Guide

Air Travel Stroller, Baby Jogging Stroller

Best Stroller for Air Travel

Parenting comes with a lot of work, especially if your job requires frequent traveling. Whether you are going to be flying between cities or you will fly across continents, you want the best experience not just for yourself but also for your child. Getting the right products for your trips is inevitable if you do not want to be bogged down by stress. A baby buggy is one product that you must consider making the right choice when going for one. You don’t want a regular stroller that is bulky and barely fits in your car trunk.

You need a baby jogger that is lightweight, but also pretty easy to open and fold. Your choice of the best stroller for air travel should be compact enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, but should also be durable to ensure the safety of your baby.





Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Stroller

GB Pokit (AIR)Travel Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus 

The Colugo Compact 

UPPAbaby MINU Stroller, 

BABY JOY Lightweight 

Bugaboo Ant Complete 

Joolz Air 

Mountain V3 Buggy Nano 

Summer 3D Lite 

I live and work on the west side of the country, but I have my family back east. My job also requires frequent trips across cities which makes traveling 4 times a month a regular experience.

At first, I bought a few strollers that I had to return after just one trip because they didn’t have the requirements that could guarantee safety and comfort for me and my 6-month-old. After careful research, I could identify some strollers that I would recommend to a friend.

Here, we shall look at some of the best strollers for air travel. They vary in form, design, and feel. But a careful look at the features could help you make the right choice that would suit your needs.

1. Baby Jogger City Tour 2, Single Travel Stroller

Baby jogger City Tour 2 Best Air Travel Stroller
Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Most parents want to live their normal life with less hassle, but they also want their baby to be part of the fun. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get your little one a lightweight best stroller for air travel that is ultra-compact and comes with an easy one-hand fold.

They have designed a Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single Stroller with amazing features that cater to the parent’s wellbeing as much as the child’s.

Why do we choose this?


The City Tour 2 is one of the best lightweight travel strollers that will not only make your regular airplane travel smooth but will give your baby much comfort. It comes with lightweight rubber tires that have locking and front-swivel wheels. This sleek feature provides a smooth ride for your cutie.


Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has adjustable calf support that ensures ease of use for your growing child. This compact travel stroller supports children from birth up to 45 lb. meaning your infant child can grow with it. City Tour 2 is also budget-friendly because they make it with durable components that ensure you don’t have to purchase new travel strollers every New Year.

Infant car seat compatibility

Baby jogger city tour 2 is a remarkable improvement from an older version. They have newly redesigned this travel buggy; it comes now with an adjustable padded, reclining seat that supports children from infancy to toddler stage. This is one feature that was not found in the older version. Also, the earlier version was not infant-compatible.

The new infant car seat connection in City Tour 2 allows you and your little one to explore together from 0+. Also, you can pair this umbrella stroller with the new Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Carry Cot. This ensures a smooth ride for your infant child up to 20 pounds. Please, note that they sell separately the infant car seat and carrycot.

Easy one-step, one-hand fold

This lightweight baby stroller features an ultra-compact one-hand fold and auto-lock. As an on-the-go parent, this product offers you a fast, convenient, and compact one-step fold while your other hand is free to hold your child.

Large storage basket,

City Tour 2 comes with a large storage basket that can hold up to 15 lb. You are free to take advantage of this extra-large storage. You can stroll alongside your little cutie with everything you need conveniently within reach. you can keep here all your baby essentials and a few of your tiny personal items.

Large UV 50+ canopy

They have designed the City Tour 2 with an extension panel. This notable feature keeps your child under shade, ensuring protection from harmful rays. The peekaboo window allows you the ease of keeping a watchful eye over your baby.

Extended Research and Reviews

At only 14 lbs. The City Tour 2 could pass as the ultimate lightweight stroller for your airplane travel. They expertly designed it with durable components, but it offers a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the frame. Although this compact stroller is very light, it is not missing any of the essential features of a contemporary travel buggy.

The adjustable reclining seat and adjustable calf support provide compatibility for your child from infancy through age 5. This product also meets Disney size requirements. Notably, this baby stroller is not for jogging. Maintenance for City Tour 2 also comes easy. The wheels of this travel buggy are to be cleaned with a damp cloth while a soft towel should dry the wetness before use. You must not use bleach or any harsh cleaning substance on any part of this buggy.

Our Expert Opinion

City Tour 2 offers one of the best travel stroller systems. This compact stroller is super lightweight, sleek, and easy to glide through terraces. The easy one-hand fold feature is the delight of every parent who is constantly on the go. The extended sun canopy, the large storage basket, the full infant seat recline, and the adjustable footrest are all significant features.

Without a doubt, Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single Stroller stands as one of the best travel strollers in 2021. With this baby buggy, you are fully set to hit the road and carry on your daily activities with ease.

2. Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Stroller, Air Travel Stroller.

Best Stroller for Air Travel Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Stroller
Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Stroller

It is the joy of every parent who is constantly on the go to own the best stroller for air travel they could board an airplane with. But they also want a baby buggy that is lightweight, compact, and comes with other easy features that could make airplane travel a delight.

Babyzen YOYO2 6+ Stroller is versatile with all the modern air travel features that will make any parent with a child 0+ to toddler stage happy. Whether it is a shuttle between cities or across continents, the YOYO2 offers one of the best travel stroller systems.

Why do we choose this?

Lightweight and compact,

They made the BABYZEN YOYO2 of a very lightweight aluminum frame. The combined effect of the sustainable stainless steel, fiberglass, and solid synthetic elements makes the YOYO2 super lightweight, durable, compact, and easy to carry.

The Babyzen also offers jovial portable folding that can perform with one hand while leaving the other hand free to carry your child. It is so compact it can fold down to a small size and take on board an airplane. It is easy to be kept in the overhead compartment.

Multi-position recline

The YOYO2 best stroller for air travel comes with a comfy infant seat with a multi-position reclining backrest. With this feature, your little one won’t have any difficulties pulling backward to have a daytime nap or sitting up to take in the exciting views of an airport.

Large Storage Basket

The YOYO2 Stroller features extra-large storage that you can access either from the front or from the back. The storage basket can hold your child’s tiny little essentials up to 5 kg. This means it is roomy enough to hold items such as baby bottles, toys, or towels and also hold a few of your personal needs.

Sun Protection

They designed this travel stroller with features that would make both the baby and the parent comfortable. The umbrella cover not only protects your baby from the sun’s rays but also provides you with a canopy window through which you can keep a watchful eye on your child. A zipped-back pocket comes in handy for easy access to keep your baby essentials.


They have innovatively made the YOYO2 with a secure 5-point harness that could take your baby from 0+ through the toddler years. This stroller also comes with a washable anti-UV fabric. The 4 wheel suspensions provide extraordinary shock absorption that offers safety and comfort to your little cutie while in motion. Understandably, a combination of these components stands out this travel buggy as one of the best travel strollers in 2021.

Extended Research and Reviews

The one-handed fold option that the Babyzen YOYO2 offers implies you can fold this travel stroller with one hand. Remember to do the first two hand steps of the fold before taking out your child from the stroller. This travel buggy is one of the most compact, lightweight travel strollers available on the market. It turns up remarkably small when folded and fits easily in the overhead bin of an airplane.

With a weight of approximately 13.6 pounds, this stroller folds to the dimensions of 20.5 x 17.3 x 7.1 inches. The versatile features of this baby buggy are outstanding. When pushing through terraces, the 4-wheel suspension system helps in navigating around curves, making it quite stable in motion. This brings about consistency in motion that gives your child uninterrupted comfort. The car seat adapter on Babyzen comes with a piece that is fixed permanently on the stroller.

This feature does not affect the easy folding of the Yoyo2. However, take care not to remove this piece to use on another stroller. Doing so could cause the risk of losing it. The toddler seat on Yoyo2 is not only comfortable but also easy to remove and clean. The multi-position recline feature is effective enough to allow your baby to take a quick nap or have a fun time looking around.

Customers who own other brands of travel strollers suggest that this buggy had been out before their initial purchase. They would have snapped it up on the go.

Our expert opinion

Not every baby buggy is allowed onboard airplanes. The Babyzen YOYO2 is one of the luxury travel strollers that are so lightweight and compact that you wouldn’t have difficulties boarding it. The Yoyo2 is a creatively designed travel stroller that has won the hearts of many parents. Now that you know how much luxury and comfort this product offers, deciding to snap up one wouldn’t be so hard.

3. GB Pokit (AIR)Travel Stroller

Best Stroller for Air Travel Gb Pockit Stroller
GB Pockit Stroller

The GB Pockit Travel stroller is reckoned as one of the best strollers for air travel that any parent could find on display. They have made this stroller for air travel not just to collapse in seconds but also to fit into an airplane’s overhead bin. The design of this baby buggy has been so innovative, that Guinness World Records recognized it in 2014 as the most compact stroller.

Why do we choose this?

Easy Portable Folding

They proved the GB Pokit to be the world’s most portable folding baby buggy on the market today. It has a record-breaking two-step folding design that can fold down to a lightweight package in the shape of a handbag.

It is so compact it can collapse in a blink of an eye. This travel stroller can fit into the airplane’s overhead bin and is practically easy to stow away. This could be your best ally anytime you are on the move. In a few quick steps, you can show any airplane how fast it can fold and fit inside a carry-on bag.

Super Lightweight and Easy To Clean

With a weight of under 12lbs, this compact stroller feels as light as a feather. You can keep it clean by using a damp cloth or dish soap and water. You can also use a dry towel or cloth to wipe it afterward.

Small But Durable

Although the GB Pockit is notably the world’s smallest folding stroller, they made it with durable materials. At least you can be sure of your cutie’s safety as you journey together. This baby buggy is strong enough to hold a child from 6 months up to 55 lbs. Also, it can contain baby essentials as much as 11 pounds in its storage basket, making it one of the most convenient lightweight travel strollers you could find.

Standalone When Folded

They had expertly designed the Pokit Lightweight Stroller to stand alone when folded. This is not a common feature with many lightweight travel strollers.

Adjustable and Secure Harness System

They had made the GB Pockit with a protective safety belt and comfort pads that were easily adjustable. You can set the multi-point safety harness at different heights and also make it lose or tight. This adjustable system allows your baby to grow with the buggy. So, you don’t have to spend money buying new strollers every year.

Extended Research and Reviews

The Pockit is a lightweight stroller with the smallest fold. Its designs are deeply innovative. One of the rear features of this infant buggy is the capacity to switch from pushing to carrying in seconds. It is currently the smallest and most compact travel stroller on the shelves of any store. The standalone feature offers you the ease of taking it along while on a cozy city tour. You can keep it safely at a corner while enjoying a fun time in your favorite restaurant or cafe.

To be more precise, the Pockit folds at 12″ x 7″ x 20″. Isn’t that outstanding? The GB Pockit is so light any toddler would find it quite comfortable. It is also budget-friendly since you don’t have to go shopping for a new infant car every other year.

One of the most striking features of this travel stroller is its durability. They expertly built it to last. A friend bought this baby buggy for her child when the baby boy was two years old. Two years after, the child is still using it. He’s four now. This travel stroller is easy to store away when not in use and also easy to clean. However, you must not use harsh cleaning substances such as bleach on this stroller during cleaning.

Our Expert Opinion

We recommend the GB Pockit for parents with a flair for adventure. You can easily stow away its lightweight portable fold means it during long flights or short flights. Apart from flying in an airplane, this travel stroller can easily take along when journeying in a car or a train.

If you are a parent that goes on regular air trips–both local and international, it means you would have to make multiple airplane changes and will stand in several security points and custom lines.

A lightweight travel buggy such as the GB Pockit Stroller would be the best solution.

4. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Best Stroller for Air Travel Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller
Kolcraft Cloud Plus

Going on air travel trips with strollers is not vogue; parents have been doing this for several years now. But finding a suitable portable folding baby stroller has always been an enormous challenge. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight stroller is one of the best budget-friendly strollers for air travel you could find. With a price tag under a hundred dollars, this holiday buggy offers extra features at no extra cost at all.

Why do we choose this?

Low price

At approximately $70, this umbrella stroller has so many features that make it exceptionally affordable. It has a detachable tray that could hold your and your baby’s immediate needs. The twin cup holder and more striking features on it show they have designed it as one of the best travel stroller systems.


This compact stroller is very lightweight and travel-friendly. We highly recommended it for short-day trips or long-range air travel. The assembled dimensions of Kolcraft cloud plus are Disney-size approved.

Multi-Position Recline

They designed the Kolcraft Cloud Plus with a recline feature that allows your baby more comfort when you go on a long trip. With this amazing feature, your child could choose to lay back to have a nap or sit up to stare around.

Compact Fold

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is one of the best compact strollers for traveling either a short distance or a long distance. They have exceptionally designed it to fold into super-compact dimensions. This makes it easy to store away, drive around, carry on the hand, or effortlessly tucked into the overhead bin of an airplane. It is noteworthy that most lightweight travel strollers do not have this striking feature.

Snack Tray and Dual Cup Holder

Two of the most essential features of a compact travel stroller are the baby’s snack tray and the cup holder. This travel buggy comes with two cup holders at the front, which could hold your child’s water and juice at a go. The triple feature on it provides your little one the comfort of having their water bottle, juice box, and snack in one tray.

Extendable Canopy:

One of the most exceptional features of the Kolcraft Cloud plus is the three-tier extendable canopy. This feature makes this umbrella stroller feel like a much bigger full-size baby buggy and offers maximum protection for your baby. Its transparent window further allows you to monitor your child as you journey along. Also, this is not a common feature in most lightweight travel strollers.

Sleek One-Hand Fold

The Kolcraft cloud plus comes with an easy one-hand self-standing fold. This feature allows you to fold the buggy with one hand. You can also store away the compact fold in a standing position. Really, this unique product is ideal for convenient air travel.

Extended Research and Reviews

At just 11.8 lbs. with assembled dimensions of 17.6 x 29.9 x 41.7 inches, the Kolcraft cloud plus is super lightweight. Its one-hand fold allows you to fold up the stroller with one hand as you carry your child on the other simultaneously. You can conveniently keep the resulting compact fold in a store, placed on the car seat, or tucked into an airplane overhead bin.

They make the wheels of Kolcraft Cloud Plus glide through all kinds of terrains with a front suspension that gives you and your baby a smooth ride. They have designed it with the capacity to carry babies up to 50 lbs. Of weight.

The large storage basket fitted on a cloud-plus lightweight stroller provides a roomy effect that could contain your baby’s tiny little essentials such as toys, bottles, and more. The removable snack tray alongside the dual cup holder could serve as an extra storage area. All these amazing features project the Kolcraft Cloud Plus as the Best Stroller for Air Travel.

Our Expert Opinion

If you’re looking for a lightweight travel stroller that is not just budget-friendly but also has all the extra features for your child’s safety and comfort, you might as well go for the Kolcraft Cloud Plus.

This baby buggy is so great. You can fold it with one hand and also have it gate-checked without hassles. If you want a sleek baby buggy in which your little cutie could spend a lot of fun time, then this travel stroller should be your first pick.

5. The Colugo Compact Stroller

Colugo Compact Air travel Stroller
Colugo Compact Stroller

As a parent, choosing the best stroller for air travel could be a challenge. This is no fault of yours; They filled the market with many options. With the number of different strollers on display, settling for the best could be exasperating. What more? You may not know the product that will best provide safety and convenience and also harness your parental dignity.  In this article, we look at how The Colugo Compact Stroller could be the perfect product you wouldn’t want to miss.

Why do we choose?


The design of this Compact Stroller is perfect, and you can easily fold it with one hand. It opens quickly and is compact enough to be carried during transport. This Stroller offers a backrest for your newborn to angle 110° – 152° and comes with a patent footwall. This extra convenience could suitably put your little one to sleep.


It comes with several accessories, including a machine washable layer, cup holder, rain cover, and travel bag. The Colugo offers you a smooth ride, and the fabric color choices are so beautifully made. It radiates high quality and could be the best lightweight stroller you’d find when next you go shopping.


Its maximum weight is 20.5 kg and can easily log into the plane luggage cabin. You can easily tuck baby essentials such as a large diaper bag into the under-seat storage. The Colugo Compact Stroller is everything you need to get out and explore the world with your little one. It is suitable for both flights and other forms of public transportation.


At first glance, the decorations on this lightweight baby stroller would so blow your mind you’d think the price will be off the roofs. Nah, it is quite affordable. They designed it with bright colors.

The Colugo Compact Stroller could be the perfect travel companion you need for your next trip.

All-round protection:

While going on a journey with your little cutie, safety ranks top in the mind of every parent. This Compact Stroller provides all-inclusive protection for your child and is suitable for both short and distant air trips. The all-wheel suspension and the waterproof canopy both serve as reassurance for a caring parent.


One of the most essential features of this travel stroller is its multi-functionality. They gracefully adorned it with fittings that were compatible with some mainstream car seats. An easy-to-install adaptor, purchase separately to work with the glider board.

Extended Research and Reviews

Spotting dynamic designs, the colugo features compatible accessories. The On-the-Go Organizer, Compact Stroller Wheels, The Cozy, The Compact Comfort Set, The Compact Bug Net, and The Compact Comfort Layer are outstanding. They positioned this compact stroller as your best travel stroller in 2022.

More features that include the sun canopy, Cupholder,  and Carry Backpack make this lightweight baby stroller a perfect recommendation for babies 6 months and older. You can use Infant Kit for babies that are 0-6 months. Fitly made as a portable baby stroller, the maximum weight of the colugo is 46 lbs. It reclines at 90° from upright, offers folded dimensions of 17” x 24” x 10”, and its unfolded dimensions are 17” x 26” x 41″.

If you are wondering whether this folding baby stroller would fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, the answer is yes. It fits on most commercial planes. You can take it along on short/medium-haul flights, e.g. NY to New Jersey, or long-haul flights, e.g. LA to Johannesburg. It’s just your best budget-friendly best stroller for air travel.

Our Expert Opinion

If you travel often, you want a lightweight stroller that is compact enough… Something you can carry about and pleasing to the sight. That way, you can take it in and out of flights or public transport with ease. If you need a delightful lightweight travel stroller that is compact, and foldable, and its cushion can change, then we can recommend this stroller. Not just because of its affordable price, but because it is durable and safe for your little angel.

6. UPPAbaby MINU Stroller, Air Travel Stroller

UPPAbaby MINU Air travel Stroller
UPPAbaby MINU Stroller

As a parent, you want the best products for your baby’s needs, but you also want to look out for the packs that are most budget-friendly. Getting the best budget-friendly buggy could be a lot of work. It will be much harder if you are searching for a lightweight stroller that could also cater to your and your child’s air travel needs.

If you have tried out a few lightweight buggies, this one will pleasantly surprise you at your first encounter with the MINU Stroller. It comes in refreshing colors, breezy fabric, and a handlebar that is real-certified leather. The overall design of a UPPAbaby MINU Stroller gives you a feeling of what could be your best air travel stroller in 2021.

Why do we choose this?

Roomy seat

They designed the UPPAbaby MINU Stroller with a spacious seat that comes with multiple positions reclines. We all know that our little cuties are constantly growing; they make the MINU’s roomy seat cater to the continuous increase in your baby’s body size.

Smooth strolling

One feature that makes this holiday buggy stand out as one of the best strollers for babies is its shock-absorbing, all-wheel suspension. This single feature ensures a smooth ride not just for your baby, but also for you. With this, you are comfortable going places, big or small. Trying it will be worth it.

One-handed fold

All it takes to have an easy fold of the MINU is one hand, one-step motion. This makes it easy for you to carry your baby on one arm while you enjoy a jovial portable folding. It’s all fun traveling with the MINU as it offers modern conveniences in one fold.

Easy-access basket

The large, easily accessible basket of this stroller provides space for your baby’s essentials.

Top-quality leather handlebar

The MINU is every parent’s delight. Its 100% full-grain leather handlebar not only gives off a classic appearance but also provides a firmer grip while pushing your little cutie through places.

Extendable sunshade

The MINU is a joy-giving lightweight travel stroller for so many reasons. It has a pop-out UPF 50+ sunshade that protects your baby from harmful rays. With this, you can take your little child out and have them enjoy the sunshine in safety.

Ventilated canopy

The MINU canopy’s vented peekaboo window provides you with the convenience of checking in on your child without skipping a beat.

Extended Research and Reviews

The UPPAbaby MINU Stroller is most suitable for babies from six months to 15kg, which is approximately 3 years. It can also hold babies from birth with a Birth Kit accessory at an additional cost.

With extra features such as adaptors for selected Maxi-Cosi, BeSafe, and Cybex infant car seats, it stands out as a perfect travel system compatible buggy. For a lite convenience stroller, it comes at an affordable price. This buggy has a compact pushchair with an overall weight of approximately 6.7kg. It is easy to take along on a holiday trip, city tour, or store away.

Its one-handed, one-step fold makes it an ideal compact stroller for your trip while traveling on an airplane. The MINU also fits in the overhead bin on the airplane. It has a built-in carry handle and shoulder strap that makes it easy to take along. You can also go hands-free with some travel bag backpack accessories which could protect your buggy during air travel.

With the aid of a car seat adapter, you can effortlessly take your little one from drive to stroll.

Our expert opinion

Although they launched the MINU over a decade ago, the American UPPAbaby brand is on a constant search for ways to make its strollers lighter. This dynamic approach guarantees constant production of MINUs that are easier to use and offer a more fun experience.

With the multi-position recline, your little one can adjust to different positions, making it most suitable for babies approximately 6 months to 3 years. This flexibility means your child can relax and have an uninterrupted nap or sit up to glimpse exciting views without showing signs of discomfort.

If you need a comfy cheap holiday buggy that could be your best ally while moving around the airport on your next air travel, you may get a UPPAbaby MINU Stroller.

7. BABY JOY Lightweight Air Travel Stroller

Best Stroller for Air Travel BABY JOY Lightweight
BABY JOY Lightweight Travel Stroller

BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller is a real lightweight travel buggy that comes in handy for any parent on the go. They have designed this portable folding stroller with a durable aluminum frame. It comes with amazing features, including a travel bag, and you do not need to assemblage it. This pram would make the life of any up-and-about mom an everyday joy.

Why do we choose this?

Lightweight but Durable

This umbrella stroller is very lightweight, but they make it last. Baby Joy weighs 14 pounds and has a weight capacity of 50 pounds. Though super lightweight, this travel buggy design comes with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and is covered by long-lasting Oxford cloth. These durable features ensure your child could use Baby Joy from the early toddler stage to much older.

Super compact

BABY JOY Lightweight Air Travel Stroller is easily the most compact stroller available on the market. This baby carriage does not need assembly. It does not require any tool or effort to get it rolling. An easy hold by the handle and a simple fling in the air will get Baby Joy to unfold in a moment.

The two-step folding process makes it easy to store away or carry along. This travel buggy folds to the compact dimension of 12.5 x 12.5 x 6.5. The capacity to fold to a tiny size makes it seamless for this pram to be placed in the overhead bin of an airplane.  It is also convenient to carry Baby Joy with an Oxford bag, even on an airplane.

Easy Maintenance

Since its features are removable, this travel stroller offers quick and easy maintenance. Baby Joy comes with a detachable and washable cover. It is easy to obliterate the fabric and wash it. You won’t have problems keeping your baby’s buggy super clean from time to time. You don’t have to worry about any spill from your toddler while eating something on the stroller. With these simple steps, your child’s pushchair will always look as neat as brand new.

5-Point Safety Harness

They fit baby Joy with a secure 5-point harness that provides much safety to your child while sitting on it. It also comes with an overhead canopy. This umbrella feature keeps your little one safe from ultraviolet rays, but it also keeps them shielded from raindrops. The ventilated mesh design further keeps the pram cool on hot days.

Large Storage Basket

Baby Joy travel stroller comes with a large enough storage unit. It also has a cup holder fitted on it. So, you can bring your baby’s bottles or drinks along. The storage basket is strategically located under the baby seat to cater to the baby’s and the parent’s needs. It has enough room to hold both the parent’s and the child’s little essentials.

Extended Research and Reviews

The BABY JOY Lightweight Travel Stroller is the smallest pocket stroller out there. The folded dimension of this pushchair is 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 6.5″.

This makes it the smallest folding stroller anywhere on the planet. It is ideal for air travel, but it is also easy to be carried around for daily errands. Happy customers suggest that the mesh basket under the baby seat could hold some groceries while on a shopping outing. Besides holding baby essentials, the large storage unit can also hold dad and mom’s items.

The cup holder feature is remarkable. It could help parents stroll along with drinks or baby bottles. These features make Baby Joy a helpful buggy ideal for family outings. This compact buggy has an exclusive feature that brings it to an instant halt–the One Step Brake System. Baby Joy can stop by stepping on the brake on the back wheel. Customers find the foot-activated rear brake system quite cozy.

Also, the front wheels can swivel 360-degree. This provides your child with an extraordinarily comfy ride. This stroller is ideal for babies six months or older, up to 50 pounds.

Our Expert Opinion

The Baby Joy has no reclining feature, and the sun visor is almost nonexistent. But the adjustable canopy design provides children with a comfy cover. With the aid of a sunshade accessory, it can effectively shield your cutie from sunlight and rain showers. It is safe to recommend this pram as a toddler stroller for air travel. We do not recommend this compact stroller for infants below 6 months. It is also budget-friendly.

8. Bugaboo Ant Complete Stroller

"Bugaboo Best Stroller for Air Travel

The Bugaboo Ant stroller is one of the most compact baby buggies on the market today. They make it with a lightweight aluminum frame and are easy to push. It comes with an additional feature of a reversible seat. This uncommon feature makes it possible for your baby to either face you or the world while in motion.

Why do we choose this?

Reversible, reclining seat

Bugaboo Ant travel stroller comes with a reclining seat. It also has only designed reversible seat. These innovative features allow your child to get acquainted with the world from the start. Set to the front means your baby is facing the world, while positioned backward means your child is facing you. Whichever direction your Love face, they could get used to their environment from the very first day.

Super compact

The Bugaboo Ant is one of the most lightweight strollers you’d find. At only 15.8 lbs. Folding to 21.65” x 14.96” x 9.03”. This baby stroller is incredibly compact. This pram can fold to a tiny size, but it can also use it as a carry-on for most airlines. This umbrella stroller fits easily in the trunk of a car or the overhead bin of an airplane. It can also fit anywhere you would keep a bag.

Spacious Storage

Bugaboo has a large storage basket under-seat that can hold all baby essentials. It also fits the buggy with a rear basket that comes inaccessible. With these helpful features, reaching out for a towel, drink, or snacks could be quick and effortless.


The Bugaboo Ant scores are high on compatibility functions. With a cocoon insert, this lightweight travel stroller can take babies from birth to toddlers up to 50 pounds. The height-adjustable handle makes provision for the parent’s convenience no matter their height.

Decked with amazing features, Bugaboo Ant has provided versatility and comfort for you and your baby. You can conveniently use this pushchair as a second or first stroller. If you are traveling with a baby and a toddler, Bugaboo offers a comfortable wheeled board. With this feature, your older child will have a place to sit when they can’t trek any further.

Safe and reliable.

The Bugaboo Ant Complete Stroller has catered to your day-to-day activities as an on-the-go parent. They made its components of durable materials and they build it to last. This umbrella stroller comes with a 5-point harness that keeps your child safe.

They have designed the canopy with UV protection to further protect your little one from harmful rays. The environmentally friendly seat provides enough space for your child to enjoy a seamless ride. They have exceptionally designed this buggy to support your cutie’s legs, back, and neck.

Extended Research and Reviews

Bugaboo Ant is a portable folding baby stroller that is for mutual family comfort. They decked this compact stroller with features that should provide a seamless and easy ride during a family outing. The exciting fabric colors and useful accessories target to help you discover new things together with your baby. With Bugaboo, a business trip, a visit to the mall, or a walk on the beach, could be an exciting adventure.

Bugaboo has made this baby jogger with ingenious Dutch design in combination with environmentally friendly solutions. That is why pushing, folding or storing Bugaboo is sheer luxury. The lightweight frame makes this travel buggy easy to ride. Also, the reclining, height-adjustable, reversible comfy seat allows your little one to face you or the world in one easy switch.

Our Expert Opinion

Bugaboo Ant stroller is easily one of the best strollers for air travel available in the market. The exciting features alongside the durable components make it a must-have lightweight stroller for an on-the-go parent. The replaceable parts, washable fabrics, and puncture-proof wheels make this baby buggy one of the best travel strollers in 2021.

Although you need to go a little high on your stroller budget, Bugaboo offers much innovative luxury that could ease the job of parenting any day. The versatility and convenience it provides make this pram an irresistible travel stroller.

9. Joolz Aer Stroller

"Joolz Best Stroller for Air Travel

Joolz Aer is a lightweight luxury travel stroller suitable for up and about parents who are constantly on the go. They expertly designed this umbrella stroller with a one-hand compact fold. At the weight of 13.4 lbs. This travel stroller is one of the most compact baby buggies you’d find on the market.

Why do we choose this?

Easy one-handed, quick fold

A major prime point of the Joolz Aer is the jovial portable folding it offers. They have creatively designed this travel buggy with an unmatched one-handed, quick fold. This baby jogger folds and unfolds so fast you can do that in a blink of an eyelid. Joolz comes fully assembled in its carry-on bag. Once out of the pack, press a button on the handlebar and watch this compact stroller unfold. It then automatically locks into place almost immediately. An easy press on the same button unlocks and prompts Joolz to foldup once more.


Joolz is pure luxury. It comes with a comfy elastic carry strap, which makes transporting this lightweight stroller easy. They fit it with a patent-pending seat that provides major support to your child’s neck and back. This ensures safety and comfort for your baby in all positions.

They have stylishly designed Joolz Aer in just four colors, which include Delightful Grey, Elegant Blue, Mighty Green, and Refined Black. It also comes with a rain cover and a travel bag, which makes it suitable for all kinds of family outings.


Joolz only weighs 13.4 lbs. Once folded, its compact size can easily fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. It can comfortably fit in the trunk of even the smallest car. You can also place this travel stroller in the back seat or passenger seat of a car.

Joolz Aer comes with a large drawstring satchel with plenty of slack, which is quick and easy to pack back. The satchel has a large strap that allows you to fling it over one shoulder. You can also carry Joolz by the handle without its travel bag. Doing this could be pretty effortless as well.


They designed this travel stroller with four wheels. The front wheels are slightly smaller, which provides effortless maneuvering. The sleek, faux-leather handlebar is extra high and would make a very tall parent happy.

Joolz comes with a five-point safety harness and an extended seatback. With these features, your 6-month child can grow with it up to 50 pounds. It also has an adjustable recline which would give a 6-month child or older a comfy easy ride.

Sizeable under seat basket

They fit this baby buggy with a sizeable storage basket strategically located under the seat. It has enough space for baby essentials, toys, and groceries.

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Joolz’s easy one-handed fold is magical. It is easy to open and close this baby buggy with one hand while holding your 29-pound toddler in the other.

The way this super compact stroller folds and unfolds would make the life of every parent pretty easy. One second, one hand, one step effort gets the job done. The automatic transport lock keeps this lightweight stroller folded. The attached handy strap makes provision for comfortable carrying. This stroller is suitable for on-the-go parents who shuttle between jobs and daily errands.

Although Joolz is relatively pricey, a lifetime warranty backs it. This factor and other innovative components make this luxury stroller worth every dollar you’d spend. Joolz doesn’t accommodate infants less than 6 months, but your 6-month child can grow with it up to 50 pounds. For every buggy sold, Joolz plants a tree in Columbia. This is a plus for any environmentally conscious family.

Our Expert Opinion

Most of the time, traveling with infants or toddlers can be stressful. You wouldn’t want to lug around bulky baby gear through airports and terraces. For this reason, you need a lightweight travel stroller with a jovial portable folding. This infant buggy is easier to open and close than any stroller you’ve ever used. Joolz Aer travel stroller is a top-quality product. The luxury, safety, and comfort it offers can favorably compete with any full-size stroller.

10. Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller,

"Mountain Best Stroller for Air Travel

The Mountain Buggy Nano is one of the best strollers for air travel. This baby buggy is simple to use and is very compact. It is super lightweight and is designed to fit in various kinds of carry-on luggage units.

Nano V3 Stroller features a full recline fabric adjustable seat for the ultimate comfort of your child.

Why do we choose this?

Large storage basket,

Mountain Buggy Nano comes with a large storage basket big enough to hold all baby essentials. Besides baby needs, the storage unit on this compact stroller is large enough to contain some of your minor items. The large basket on this portable folding baby stroller is strategically located under the seat for easy access.

Super lightweight stroller

The mountain buggy is a lightweight travel stroller. At less than 6kg / 13lbs, this umbrella stroller also has a carry handle and shoulder strap. These striking features make buggy Nano ideal for air travel. It comes in handy for extended trips across continents and short day trips across cities. You can also use this compact stroller as a suitable secondary buggy for your little one.

Easy two-step compact fold

The baby Nano offers an easy two-step compact fold. The design is to fit several kinds of carry-on luggage units. With these easy features, you can have Nano V3 stroller easily gate-checked or have it tucked into the airplane overhead bin. This folding baby stroller is easy to be kept in the car for quick trips with your baby or toddler. It also comes with universal car seat adaptors for easy attachment of an infant car seat.

Sun Protection

They have expertly designed the buggy Nano with a two-tier canopy with flip-out sun protection. The additional support from the sun visor could protect your little cutie from harmful rays.

Full Recline

The Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller has a full-recline fabric sling seat. This feature offers a lie-flat mode that suits the dynamics of your baby’s relaxation needs. The lie-flat solution provided by this baby jogger makes it one of the best lightweight strollers. It is most suitable for newborns. Your toddler child can also sit up to glance around and enjoy exciting views. They can also lay back to have a nap.

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The Buggy Nano weighs 13 lbs. And folds to a compact size of 22” x 20” x 12”. The easy small fold system it offers makes it one of the best lightweight travel strollers for 2021. With an easy two-step fold, the Mountain Buggy can be set up or fold with a little effort. You can hold an unsettled child in one hand while you are free to carry the Nano on the other. The Mountain Buggy is safe to carry a newborn up to 4 years old with a Maximum Weight of 44 lbs. They have exceptionally built them it to last.

Several happy customers have attested to the reliability and durability of this innovative compact stroller. The dynamic adjustable designs offer simple, light, and convenient solutions for parents who have problems traveling with their newborn or toddler. The life of a parent with a newborn or toddler requires constant adjustment. This travel stroller is suitable for public transport, city tours, local travels, or apartment dwellers. It is also convenient to be left at grandma’s home or stored away in a safe location.

Our Expert Opinion

As a parent, running your own thing and caring for your newborn is already a stressful task. The Mountain Buggy Nano 2020 has one of the best travel stroller systems. This buggy’s amazing features could make everything a little easier for you. Most times, the dynamic changes in the behavior of your little one call for you to learn on your feet. The Mountain Buggy Nano offers adjustable components that could help your child as they transition from newborn up to 4 years old.

This cheap holiday buggy could be the best investment you need to keep your daytime stress in constant check. Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller is perfect for daytime traveling between cities and distant travel across continents. I highly recommend this pushchair as a perfect ally for families on holiday trips, job explorations, or city shuttles.

11. Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Best Stroller for Air Travel

The Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is one of the most lightweight travel strollers you would find. It offers some of the most innovative features. They build this compact stroller with a durable, lightweight, and creative aluminum frame. The rich convenient features vested in 3D Lite make it one of the best travel strollers in 2022

Why do we choose this?

Lightweight and durable

Summer 3D Lite is a lightweight travel stroller that makes going out with your baby a pleasant experience. They designed it with a super light, durable aluminum frame. This baby buggy weighs 13 pounds and has a Maximum Weight Capacity of 50 lbs. It means you don’t have to worry about buying a new infant car for your baby every year.

3D Lite can conveniently hold your child from infancy to the late toddler stage. It has a roomy seating area. They propelled it on anti-shock front wheels and also have lockable rear wheels. These features provide easy maneuvers as you pull this compact stroller through terraces and all kinds of surfaces.

Easy Compact Fold

The 3D lite convenience stroller is designed with jovial portable folding. They fit it with a carry strap and auto-lock. These tiny minor features make this travel buggy easy to store away or you can take it along on your air trips. They make this umbrella stroller with an adjustable and removable canopy with a sun visor. These extra features could protect your little one from the harmful rays of the sun while you are out on a city tour.

All Round Use

The 3D Lite design is not only for traveling long and short distances but has been expertly put together to cater to your day-to-day errands as well. This umbrella stroller is super lightweight, made to last, and offers an easy, compact fold.

So, you can conveniently pull your baby along as you go about your daily engagements. You can also be most suitable for your airplane travel.

Extra Large Storage

The Lite Convenience Stroller comes with a large storage basket that does more than just hold your baby essentials. The storage in this baby jogger offers plenty of space where you can keep your items. This includes a cup holder for your child’s drink. This feature comes in handy for parents who are always on the go. You don’t have to bother about leaving your important pieces of stuff at home. Note that the maximum capacity of the storage basket is 10 lbs.

4-Position Recline

This lightweight travel stroller offers a 4-position recline feature making it one of the best baby buggies in the market. The 3D Lite has the reclining capacity to a nearly flat position and has a 5-point safety harness. With this, getting your baby to sleep won’t be an issue. These innovative features help to keep your little cutie comfortable and secure all the time.

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The 3D Lite Convenience Stroller weighs 13 lbs. And can compactly fold into umbrella style. It offers no height-adjustable handles, but it comes with expertly embedded features. These features stand among the best air travel stroller systems. A large seat area provides enough room for your baby’s comfort and safety. The 4 position recline allows your child to have a nap in a flat dimension. Your baby can also sit up to glance around and have a feel of the outside world.

The 5-point safety harness ensures safety for your child. It also means your child can grow with this travel buggy from infant to toddler. The maximum weight capacity is 50 lbs. The anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels provide safety and stability while running around daily errands. It also offers a seamless and comfy ride through terraces.

Our Expert Opinion about the Stroller for Air Travel

The adjustable and removable canopy with flip-out sun visor and the easy, compact fold with carrying strap are class innovations. The auto-lock and the anti-shock wheels are all helpful features for a parent that’s always on the go. The 3D Lite is only one of the best lightweight strollers for airplane travel. But it is also perfect for going about your day-to-day activities while having your baby with you.