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The 5 Best Peg Perego Stroller in 2023

Peg-Perego-Stroller-Booklet, Baby Jogging Stroller

The 5 Best Peg Perego Stroller in 2023

We have known Peg Perego Strollers Company for its quality since an Italian named Giuseppe Perego found it in 1949. The company soon built a reputation for making durable and the best Perego stroller lines that performed better than any other product on the market.

Parents report that their ergonomically designed Perego strollers glide effortlessly even over uneven surfaces and reduce potential stress on the mom’s wrists and baby’s back.

Perego strollers often have many accessories, such as cup holders and storage baskets, to store your purchases. Also, some of these strollers can fold easily, so you can easily carry your stroller and groceries in your car’s trunk.

Peg Perego stroller reviews & conclusions 2023

Peg Perego strollers are an ideal purchase or gift for parents looking for a quality stroller with the bonus of an infant car seat. The car seat attaches to the stroller to make it a functional stroller. The Perego Stroller lines are lighter than regular strollers as far as we know; usually come with the patented harness system that keeps your baby safe while allowing him to swing.

Boasts recline, and adjustable infant seats so your baby can comfortably nap or stay awake and explore the surrounding. You are going to discover quickly that carrying a baby through the mall, around a park, and for a long walk is harder than you expected when you carry along with the diaper bag filled with all the essentials.

Apart from the five  Perego Strollers, we did our research and concluded reviews about this product. Perego Stroller Reviews will give you a more clear picture of this product. 

This Peg Perego Stroller brand

comes in so many quality varieties. You may discover having over one stroller is a significant advantage.

Here are a few of the different styles and a few tips to consider when shopping for that all-important baby stroller.  The regular and most essential stroller is a full-sized stroller. You see these rolling around all the time.

Your Peg Perego Stroller usually has a beautiful canopy to keep the sun out of your baby’s face. The backrest is adjustable for keeping the babysitting, or almost flat for letting your infant sleep.

These baby strollers typically have plenty of storage underneath for holding the diaper bag, purse, and maybe even a few shopping items.

Many of these Perego strollers come bundled with an infant car seat that can lock in place to make a great way to carry a tiny infant. The disadvantage of this type of stroller is the size. They are large when folded, compared to other styles. And if you have turned your trunk into a mobile storage unit, you’ll be hard put to make a stroller fit.

The smallest form of the best Perego Strollers is the umbrella fold-up stroller. They are easy to carry and can keep in the trunk or back seat of the car. They do not include all the features of the giant full-sized stroller. But they do effectively carry babies of all sizes. 

Peg stroller features.

The other Peg Perego stroller is more specific to select functions. If you love to jog or walk, consider one of the jogging strollers. With their oversized wheels, suspension system, and added legroom for you, they make running smoothly with your infant. What a great way to stay in shape! You no longer need to sit at home, waiting for your spouse to come home.

Types of Perego stroller.

How many strollers do you need? It is according to your lifestyle, your baby, your needs, and your pocketbook. At a minimum, you probably want a standard full-sized Peg Perego stroller and an umbrella folder.

This combination allows you to have all the features you need, including the essential portability. Both types of strollers work great for your infant and small children. If you want to run and have fun outdoors, your need for strollers may quickly expand to three.

Make sure you buy all the strollers you need to live the lifestyle of your choice. The low cost of the baby Perego stroller will pay you back with freedom and enjoyment for several years, after which you can put them up for sale in your garage sale.

Or, pass them on to your grown babies! Just look around, these days you can see smart moms in urban or rural landscapes, and they no longer stay at home. For all of this, you can thank our baby stroller.

1. Perego Booklet 50 Onyx

Peg Perego buggy booklet 50-s mod red stroller
PegPerego buggy booklet 50-


The Peg Perego stroller should be comfortable and have an excellent design. PegPerego products are successful in the market because they can incorporate most of the features that a person looks for when choosing baby strollers. Branches around the world represent them and guarantee their customer service regardless of their location.

PegPerego keeps the monopoly on strollers and accessories, such as mosquito nets and rain canopies. Perego strollers come in various variants, such as double strollers, umbrella strollers, and triple strollers.

They try to make the baby and the parents feel comfortable for users. They have designed lightweight strollers that are easy to use and medium-sized strollers that allow easy storage. Aside from functionality, the aesthetics of PegPerego have a balance with beautiful leather upholstery.

However, they are easy to handle as you can wash them by hand. Peg Booklet 50 focuses on the attributes of maximum comfort in the stroller by introducing better accessories for child safety, such as mosquito nets and safety padding. This Stroller also follows market trends and introduces new styles for comfort.

Perego Booklet 50 features.

  • compactly fold this Stroller and store it almost anywhere.
  • upholstery is always safe and clean.
  • The removable canopy of the stroller is UPF 50 plus and has a protective visor.
  • Their wheels have ball bearings and a suspension system.
  • The adjustable handle is suitable for users of different heights,
  • hand-stitched leatherette shaft adds a touch of elegance.
  • The children’s bumper comes with hand-stitched synthetic leather and offers additional protection.



  • Good design suitable for children from birth up to 50 lb

  • Infinite car seat reclines with turning knob adjustment

  • Adjustable, removable UPF 50+ canopy

  • Removable, hand-washable fabric

  • Dual Stage Cushion System offers extra support

  • Not very light, but not that heavy

  • You could make its canopy extend

  • expensive

Verdict And Conclusion

If you are looking for the best PegPerego Stroller or a one-hand stroller that can also be a travel system with a large storage basket for your belongings, including your diaper bag, you would love a compact fold to toss the stroller in your trunk then; this is it. This best PegPerego Stroller can do the job for you.

One feature that sets the Booklet Stroller 50 apart from the rest best strollers is the patented freedom of movement belt, which holds the child securely in his seat and still allows the full range of motion without feeling so restricted.

Although the price of PegPerego strollers may get some families to look other ways. PegPerego stroller models like the Booklet 50 range between four hundred and five hundred dollars. For a double model, even a thousand dollars.

With this type of investment, it is always a good idea to take the time to do a little research. Despite the higher cost, most parents who own a Perego Booklet 50 are delighted with the quality of the build. 

With Booklet 50, you don’t have to worry about buying stroller accessories such as adapters. Only fold the backrest of the stroller and place the car seat on the integrated retractable anchors, and the travel system is ready for use. Therefore, we recommend you read the reviews on Booklet 50 with parents who already own this Perego Stroller to help you decide further.

2. Peg Perego Book Stroller for two Babys.

Peg Perego for Two double Stroller
Peg Perego Book for Two Double Stroller

This Perego Book is perfect for twins. You can use this double Stroller with no hassle even on bumpy roads and you can steer it effortlessly. You can use it for your babies from birth as a double travel system. Your twin babies will have plenty of room to stay comfortably in this stroller and yet you can push this stroller through any door and stroll it over any narrow sidewalks.

Peg Perego Book double stroller for twins

Perego is undoubtedly a high-end Italian company that has been making juvenile products since 1949. It has brought a revolution in the baby stroller market. And Perego Book for two is a side-by-side stroller for infants.

This Perego double Stroller is light, and narrow, offers independent seat reclining, and you can fold effortlessly. For parents who are looking for a double car seat compatible stroller, it is perfect for them. Parents who prefer the easiest open and close system in their stroller, along with the lightweight, need this Perego Book for two baby strollers.

Most side-by-side strollers are wide, but this Perego double Stroller is not wide. This double stroller is for parents with smaller children. The Perego Stroller is also for those who want a stroller that can offer such a system where one baby can take a nap and another can see the world with an independent seat reclining system.


  • Some of the prominent features of this stroller are:
  • The weight of the stroller is 30.8 Pounds
  • Provides multi-position independent backrests
  • Contains narrow footprint
  • The dimensions of the product are 41.8 x 29.2 x 40.2 inches,



  • Recline based on your needs:

  • peek-a-boo window 

  • Ride in comfort

  • Two car seats:

  • Compact fold:

  • reclining system of this stroller

  • challenging to get this stroller out of the car and back

  • little heavier

3. Peg Perego YPSI Stroller Review and Conclusion.

peg perego buggy booklet 50-s-mod-red stroller
Peg Perego YPSI Stroller

You will find this Peg Perego XPSI stroller, so you don’t have to stick to a buggy or a stroller, which does only half of the work you need. Modern moms and dads need more than an old buggy can offer, which is still very limiting.

Parents with this stroller enjoy nature with their baby in the sun or have fun in parks and shopping centers, wherever they have to go, without worrying so much. The Peg stroller takes off the inconvenience of traveling with your baby, bringing your little baby in the car, and leaving. Now, your baby will never be left alone with a babysitter because you can both do rapids in the grocery store or drop them off with perfect ease by grandma.  

If you want to go out and take your children on walks, the design and innovative Peg Perego stroller YPSI style have to satisfy your needs. The Peg Perego Stroller Travel system makes the adventure in and out of the car with your baby a breeze and a pleasure with its appearance and dynamic Perego design. Helpful Travel Combo Includes the Agile Peg Perego YSPI Stroller and the infant car seat Viaggio 4-35 Nido. 

Peg Perego YPSI Stroller Features

  • The Peg Perego YPSI chassis is among the Perego stroller system compatible with the Viaggio 4-35 nest and SEAT cousin (sold).
  • This infant car seat is removable, reversible, and can fold into the chassis.
  • The shopping cart is large, and our total favorite feature is the Pirouette wheel, which adjusts the front wheels between the lock and the pan, depending on the land on which it exceeds.
  • Our best Peg Perego stroller’s wheel is halfway which means that you do not have to reduce the wheels if you need to block them to run over the paved platters or other more harsh ground. This best Peg Perego stroller fold is unique in its action. And the car seat folds in half to create a compact package all in one.  



  • Extendable UPF 50+ hood,

  • The bassinet and the seat have three adjustable backrests,

  • Freestanding when folded

  • Reversible car seat unit with hood

  • One-hand fold,

  • Instructions may be difficult to follow

  • No peep window

  • Pricey

Verdict And Conclusion

Peg Perego has reflected many of the design features in this stroller and calls to the urban market. The narrow axis distance is only 51 cm wide to fit through hinges, narrow spaces, and even a single door of the French style. Perego YPSI finish gives a feeling of total quality. 

The hood on this stroller offers an excellent cover over the baby seating area, and the bumper is the door opening to allow easy access. We recommend the seat for 6 months, and you will have to purchase the carrycot if you want to use the YPSI from birth.

With the substance and style in abundance, YPSI is a perfect choice for parents who live a busy urban lifestyle. The fold and size of the Peg Perego YPSI make it ideal for lifting in and out of your car. The comfortable car seat, quality and finishing materials, a fantastic storage basket, and a simple fold are excellent features.

This Perego stroller on the pricier side, plus a few features sold, may cause one to look for other systems. However, it could be a wonderful investment, since you may use the Peg stroller until your child is 3-4 years old. You get some extendable UPF 50+ hood, which are practical extras, so I think the stroller Perego is worth the money if you don’t mind. 

4. Peg Perego Bassinet YPSI Review

Perego Bassinet YPSI Best Peg Stroller
Perego Bassinet YPSI

Every parent wants only the best bassinet for their baby. Therefore, one of your major concerns is that the baby gets enough rest and is safe in her bedroom. Getting a bassinet for your baby is the way to go. A bassinet provides your baby with a safe and permanent place to rest and reduces the initial fear of carrying and keeping your baby safe.

A bassinet can be both functional and stylish for babies and parents. Recommended for infants up to 4 months old, bassinets are also portable and you can carry them anywhere, making them useful for family vacations. With so many parents making mobility an issue these days, especially those who are still working full time while running a family, bassinets are a useful addition to the home.

This Bassinet

looks good as an integral part of your room and is easy to take with you when you travel or do a walkout on the street, so you don’t have to ask for an extra crib to lay your baby out there. The Peg Perego YPSI bassinet. The cover, is an excellent protection for a sleeping baby, especially if you carry Peg Perego Bassinet YPSI on the street.

Peg Bassinet YPSI Features

  • The bassinet models have a lift option, with which parents can only lift the sleeping place out of its stand. Shades and Hoods are common and provide a dimly-lit place for babies to nap.
  • Babies feel comfort by snugness and closeness, as it reminds them of the womb; therefore, changing diapers can help calm babies. As a result, some babies may sleep better in the narrowest sleeping area of a bassinet.
  • Plus, the smooth-motion option is a game-changer for parents deciding between a crib and a bassinet. Bassinet movement options include rockers, cradles, and mechanical movements.



  • portable to move the sleeping space around the house

  • Protective and removable hood, which protects the baby from light while sleeping.

  • Storage System to keep baby essentials,

  • Bassinets are not as long-lasting as cribs

  • Only useful to a baby for around six months old

  • A not budget-friendly option for some families

Verdict And Conclusion

They often consider the Bassinets a luxury item, as a baby only uses one for the first few months. Elegance and classic is the theme of most bassinets, and no matter what type of bassinet you’re looking for, there are some essential features parents need to be aware of.

The bassinet should have a wide and stable base, like the Bassinet YPSI. It should not be fragile; it would help if you used a bassinet with extreme caution as it is more likely to tip over than a crib. The mattress should be firm and fit into the bassinet. If over two fingers fit between the bassinet mattress and the bassinet, the mattress is too small.

The canopy should be retractable for practical reasons; however, this is not the case with some bassinets. As mentioned above, PegPerego is a company known for its beautiful products, including the bassinet.

The hallmark of Perego’s bassinet is the intricate design that covers the entire bassinet. While baby bassinets are white, PegPerego offers a variety of beautiful colors, not just pink and blue!

This Bassinet bed is of the highest quality and beautiful from the outside; it’s a bassinet fit for style folks. Last words, not all bassinets are expensive. It is easy to find inexpensive models of different brands. However, cheap baby bassinets often lack the beauty and grace of more expensive models, like the Perego bassinet YPSI.

5. Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin Stroller

Best Peg Perego Stroller buggy booklet 50-s-mod-red
Perego Pliko Mini Twin Buggy

Regarding the Peg Perego stroller, their products are worth trying. Born out of the need for a juvenile product for the Perego infant in 1949. They designed this stroller as a family stroller when Perego was first launched in 1960.

But Peg grew to become a world leader, growing towards making more durable and fun baby carriages, now commonly known as strollers. Traditionally, when parents had to travel with their babies, they had to spend a lot of time getting their young children out of the car seat and in a stroller.

However, your Perego stroller allows you to take the entire infant car seat out of the car and into the baby stroller. Having one of these travel system strollers makes it so much easier to take your baby anywhere.

Thanks to the central ergonomic height-adjustable Pliko Mini Twin handles, you can move the Pliko Mini Twin comfortably with one hand, with additional freedom of movement. Its sprung wheels give you maximum smoothness even after years, and the ball bearings in the front swivel wheels allow easy steer.

Peg Perego Pliko Mini Twin does the heavy lifting while enjoying the ease of movement and effortlessness.


  • excellent protection against the sun;
  • it has a large mesh window at the rear without a lock.
  • They cover the net with transparent plastic that protects your child from the rain. 
  • Adjustable handlebars. 
  • can navigate it with one hand.
  • It has a sturdy rear step for a second child. 



  • Suitable for a child of up to 4 years from 6 months

  • Beautiful and One-hand push design.

  • Perego stands when folded.

  • Easy to fold and compact.

  • Mesh net behind the seat

  • Two system brakes

  • Basic wheels and tires

  • Not suitable from birth

  • Some say it’s expensive

Verdict And Conclusion

We like you can fold this PegPerego stroller with just one hand. All you have to do with this Perego stroller is pull the levers on each handlebar and pull the strap in the middle until it bends.

There is official proof for children ages six months to four years, a four-month-old kid can sit up straight. Very impressive is this feature as it makes the seat suitable for younger children who need more security and has room to grow.

I wouldn’t say I liked the handlebars of this best this stroller. Because they make them of hard plastic and do not have foam or other soft covers. The Perego Pliko Mini Twin’s fine for brief trips, but you can get uncomfortable over time with the stroller traveling a long distance.

The Pliko stroller works with the Perego Primo Viaggio SIP car seat system, which is a bonus. I would not recommend this stroller for winter, even though it is useful. The wheels are too simple for that. What I mean by winter is snow.

Pushing it will not be easy on snowy days. You will fight a lot. This Perego stroller is very good for twins or young children and will give them a pleasant experience.

6. Peg Perego Stroller Reviews: Selfie Onyx Review

Peg perego Selfie Stroller
Peg Selfie Stroller

PegPerego stroller lightweight

Choosing the Perego stroller can be a chore; even if you buy some really expensive ones, you wouldn’t know if they are that good or bad. This is because you cannot test them yourself, and your baby cannot tell you it is terrible.

So make sure you know what kinds of things you will need before you buy; many parents love Perego strollers. PegPerego strollers often boast various accessories, for example, undercarriage baskets, and cup holders to store your purchases.

Also, some of these strollers fold easily with one hand, so you can quickly transport your stroller in the trunk of your car. These strollers are an ideal purchase for parents looking for a quality stroller with the benefit of a car seat.

The car seat attached to the stroller makes it a functional stroller. This one is also lighter than normal strollers; they usually come with a patented harness system that keeps your baby safe while allowing him to move.

Aside from the best research, we reviewed the Perego Selfie Onyx and read other reviews on this product to get you a clearer picture of the Selfie Onyx stroller!



  • Large UPF 50+ hood with zip fastening

  • Solid, lightweight aluminum frame

  • Eco-leather handlebar

  • Easy Drive system

  • Automatically and compactly, It folds on its own

  • It’ pricey for many

  • The hood could be bigger

  • Lack cupholder/tray

  • The storage is a small

Verdict And Conclusion

Peg Perego strollers are made in Italy, the Selfie Onyx is the only stroller that closes automatically to a compact size, ideal to navigate through tight spaces and narrow hallways. Parents also referred it to as the best Perego stroller with a lovely car seat.

This stroller makes traveling with your child a breeze thanks to its thorough design: front and rear suspension system, swivel wheels, and amazing shock absorbers.

This is the perfect stroller to take in your car or when you travel since it’s lightweight, easy to carry, folds, and unfolds. Perfect for the mom on the go!

In addition, this stroller has a beautiful design and quality materials. You can always easily open and steer it with one hand, as said before. Selfie makes life easier for you. Thanks to its lightness and easy maneuverability on any terrain, even on uneven terrain.

The suspension system guarantees this best Peg stroller the top off-road performance with ball bearings, swivel wheels, and front and rear shock absorbers.

The Onyx Selfie Stroller makes traveling with children a breeze; it’s a good stroller, but I would expect a lot of features for the price as it’s a single stroller, not a double one.

Although your baby will love the comfort of this selfie onyx, you need an extra cup holder/tray and even a lot of storage space, as moms often require these Peg Perego stroller accessories when they go shopping. However, these are easy to find as strollers’ add-ons and do not affect quality. We recommend this baby stroller Peg Perego.

7. Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller Review 

Best Peg Perego Stroller Triplette Piroet
Peg Perego Triplette Piroet

The pride of the Peg Perego stroller is the safety and comfort it offers. They spent the last 6 decades designing strollers and car seats while innovating to meet the mobility needs of the changing world.

No wonder it’s the first choice for new parents! Peg Perego, a baby standard stroller, has a lot of features that allow freedom, ease, and safety. You can easily fold these strollers; they have a handle and an easy-to-maneuver wheel suspension system that navigates even on uneven terrain.

These strollers boast an adjustable backrest, leg rest, and seat height. You can easily attach the infant seats directly to the chassis, allowing for an excellent ride. If you’re a parent of triplets or are in charge of triplets, you understand that getting 3 children from point A to point B can be a challenge.

With triplets, they appreciate every opportunity to make life easier. The Peg Perego Triplette stroller is a great way to relieve stress. With Triplette Piroet, traveling with three kids is child’s play!

They have updated this baby’s stroller with a new streamlined chassis and stylish stroller seats. With this comfortable stroller, your squad can travel comfortably.

Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller Features

  • Triplette Piroet has large polyurethane wheels that create a cushioning layer between the baby stroller and the ground. The gear, the adjustment options of this stroller, seat towards the comfort of your baby.
  • Besides folding each seat to face forward, backward, or a different seat, they also have adjustable footrests and backrests so each baby can comfortably snuggle into their favorite position.
  • Thanks to the robust chassis of this one, the correct weight distribution, and the large polyurethane wheels, pressing the Piroet’s handle with one hand is no problem.
  • This stroller has ample storage space. Each car seat has its own retractable canopy with a mesh window. And among other features of this system, allows adequate ventilation for your baby. 



  • Reversible seats offer different seating options

  • Decent suspension and braking system

  • A loop on each seat holds your babies’ favorite toys

  • Excellent steering

  • Car seat compatible

  • Adjustable back and footrests

  • Difficult to access under-seat basket

  • A bit on the more expensive side

  • Canopies could be bigger

Verdict and Conclusion

If you need the PegPerego stroller for triplets, this is it! Peg Perego Triplette is a beautiful, high-quality product that will keep your kids until they don’t need it anymore. I love switching from the kiddie click to the bigger car seats; it’s a classy baby product!

Its sturdy frame and strong wheels are indispensable for triple strollers. Safety and comfort features are beyond discussion. After a few months, you don’t want to make a bargain stroller that breaks down with your kids.

Perego Triplette is durable and has a wide range of accessories. Which makes your daily commute with your kids smooth, even in the car. Price is a big factor to think about while searching for the Perego stroller, and believe it or not, the age of your children has a lot to do with it.

Twins and triplets spend more time in strollers, so a high-quality tandem stroller such as this best Peg stroller is worth it.  In short, the Triplette stroller is premium quality and a reliable triple stroller for your children. Your life outdoors with your three babies shouldn’t be difficult, and that’s the manufacturer’s goal.

However, Triplette Piroet could be expensive and out of reach for many. The price range in the market for this baby Peg Perego stroller is between $1000 and above. But trust me, this stroller with a car seat will be an investment well invested.