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Fixed vs Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller: Which is Best?

fixed vs swivel wheel jogging stroller

Fixed vs swivel wheel jogging stroller: Review 2023.

The answer to this question may vary from person to person depending upon your needs. Usually, parents who like to run daily go for the fixed-wheel buggy that can offer unimaginable functionality, convenience, comfort, and durability to them. Fixed wheel vs swivel jogging stroller can do the best for such hard-core runners.

Contrary to it, if you are a mother who likes to go out shopping and love to spend time with your baby outdoor walking casually then you should opt for the swivel front wheel jogging buggy. The baby jogging strollers had gone through a series of changes. The evolution started nearly 300 years ago.

Which Baby Jogging Stroller do you prefer fixed vs swivel wheel?

Full of details, baby buggies had a lot of needs to consider through this journey. Need governed these changes. Starting from the early style prams to the present-day fascinating strollers, nothing has stayed the same.

Nevertheless, be it a Men or women they always want an ideal and safe way for their children. Over the past few years, a new group of strollers has evolved with three large fixed wheels, shock absorbers, safety harnesses, adjustable seating, and snack holders for the child.

The jogging stroller has continued its progress, and the designs available in the market today offer greater ease of use and safety, both for the runner and the toddler. And who knows the next stroller might come being installed with the video games for the children.

When finding a stroller, it is perfectly natural to stand in the market looking for an ideal stroller. I know a lot of options create a lot of confusion, making a purchase decision difficult.

In this guide, we are going to compare the different variables of both Fixed Wheel vs Swivel Wheel Strollers that can help you overcome this confusion leading to getting the best baby jogging stroller for your young rider.

Features Breakdown of Fixed vs Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller:


Today’s jogging strollers offer high protection for your kids. They have a quite large protective canopy that can shield your child from the sunrays and also protect him against bad weather.

A lot of different baby jogging buggies also have a peek-able window in them, allowing you to keep a check on what is happening inside.

This feature allows parents to talk to young ones while running. The canopies can be adjusted for maximum safety.

There is also an option of attaching a weather shield which you can purchase separately. Jogging strollers are highly compatible with the attaching accessories.


Stability is yet another great and concerning feature for the parents when selecting a stroller. Whether you are talking about the casual walking stroller or a hard-core running stroller you want to take control over the stroller.

If it is a fixed wheel stroller then it is going to keep you running carefree because this is designed for running purposes. Taking sharp turns is not a specialty of this type of product.

A fixed front wheel allows unidirectional running at your desired pace. It gives wonderful agility you are not going to find in any other baby joggers. On the other hand, talking about the swivel wheel allows a greater amount of movement to the front wheel.

In case you are a mother, who loves to go out for evening walks with her young man then the swivel wheel stroller can be your best choice.

Being made for the causal walks it provides enough steering to aid in the sharp and quick turns.

Compact; Space Saving

In today’s world, everyone prioritizes space-saving; compact products that need less room for accommodation. Baby jogging strollers have a compact design that can be easily assembled and disassembled in no time.

Moreover, it has a huge basket under the seat where you can easily put the water bottles, mobiles, and your wallet. Additionally, four small seat pockets are there to place your baby’s belongings.

They are great for the things you need to use very often.

Hand Brake

When you are going down a hill or maybe any other inclined place you do want to control the baby’s ride because the buggy is more susceptible to wobbling and there are relatively higher chances for the stroller to flip over.

To meet up this need, jogging strollers have an option of the hand brake which can be applied to slow down the speed when and wherever you want.


Now let’s talk about its wheels because without them a stroller won’t be a jogging stroller. Most, two rear wheels come with the front wheel fixed giving you the ease of running.

The other type of running buggy available is one with a swivel front wheel which is lockable. It can swivel up to 360 degrees easily which is great for a sharp turn without the need to lift the front wheel.

All models,

fixed vs swivel wheel jogging stroller
fixed wheel vs swivel jogging stroller

of swivel-wheel joggers have a switch to move it into a locked position near the front wheel and it is one of the most loved features of jogging strollers.

As you go out in the market you’ll notice a lot of variation in their wheel width. Wheels with a wider design offer you more space for carrying essentials. Additionally, they provide a broader seat that will be more comfortable for bigger kids.

Strollers with wider wheels are likely to be more stable than narrower-wheeled designs. However, if you’re someone who is having a space shortage, you’d be better with a narrow-spaced wheel design.

Also, strollers with narrow wheels can fit easily through small doors of restaurants and shops. And they allow super maneuverability while you are jogging or walking down narrow trails and neighborhoods.

Adjustable Seats

A child’s safety and comfort are always the priority of the companies when designing a seat that is meant for a baby, reducing friction against his back resultantly, making his development safer.

So all the models and breeds of baby jogging strollers have padded and an extra cushioned seat to give your baby a gentle touch while saving their back against friction.

The base of the Jogging Baby Strollers

These strollers tend to have longer base dimensions than others. So, this increased front-to-back length gives better stability and a smoother ride, and sometimes children can get their beauty naps during jogging.

Moreover, these strollers are designed so that you can remove all the wheels easily. Such functionality is usually incorporated through a bike quick-release lever, to ensure easy transport when you are traveling.

Pros of Fixed-Wheel Jogging Stroller

  • Enhanced safety with comfortable seats and padded cushions.
  • Light but sturdy when immobile.
  • As it contains air-filled tires, it is likely to offer a smooth ride with greater agility.
  • Adjustable seating
  • Detachable rear tiers ensure easy transport while traveling.
  • Compatible with an accessory adapter
  • Allows five-point harness
  • Ample storage
  • A huge sun shield to protect your child from the sun’s rays.


  • The handlebar is not adjustable.
  • Being bulky, it is hard to maintain

Recommended for:

If you like running or jogging on the daily basis and you want to bring your little one along with you then you should get a jogging stroller with the safety features such as the fixed front wheel to provide extra safety and protection for your baby.

Examples of Fixed Wheel Strollers

Some of the awesome fixed wheel buggies are; Phil & Teds Sub4, BOB Ironman and Bugaboo Jogger, Thule Chariot range, Out & about Nipper Sport, The Thule Glide

Pros of Swivel-Wheel Jogging Stroller

  • Three-position swivel lock front wheel -Provides maximum control and maximum performance while walking or jogging. Swivel, lock forwards, and lock backward can make your push smooth.
  • The hand brake is also there if you want some for hilly adventures
  • Shock-absorbing suspension ensures the safety of your kids.
  • Recline able seat is best for kids.
  • Reversible liner, having two bottle holders, bumper bar, and additional 12″ rear detachable wheelset
  • Compact and simple one-hand standing fold used for easy storage at home or in the car.
  • Water-resistant fabric as a weather shield.


  • Balancing a swivel front wheel can be inconvenient during your walk.

Recommended for:

Those who like to go for a flexible tier allowing more steering options can select strollers having a swivel front wheel. But you have to be very careful locking or unlocking the brake.

Examples of Strollers having swivel front wheel

Some of the best-selling running buggies include; The Mountain Buggy Terrain, Thule Urban Glide, the Britax BOB Revolution, Baby Jogger Summit X3, and Thule Urban Glide

Conclusion of the Fixed Wheel vs Swivel Wheel jogging Stroller

Both baby jogging strollers; fixed wheel and swivel wheel jogging strollers have their own merits and demerits. It is also worth mentioning that, they are designed to meet the specific needs of every decade while keeping innovation, charm, and quality side by side.

So, if you are considering buying a jogging stroller then think for a while; what is your reason to buy a jogging stroller? The answer to this question will help you shape your decision for buying the right baby jogging stroller for your newborn.