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How To Fold BOB Double Stroller: Best Guide 2024

Finding the perfect stroller for a new parent is akin to discovering a trusty sidekick for life’s adventures, and when it comes to double the joy, the BOB Double Stroller emerges as a true hero. Navigating the bustling streets or conquering nature’s trails becomes a breeze with this versatile companion. However, the challenge lies not in the journey itself but in folding this powerhouse of convenience. Fear not, intrepid parents! In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the mystery behind folding various models of BOB Double Strollers, addressing your top queries and ensuring that the process is as smooth as the ride itself.


How To Fold BOB Double Stroller?

A BOB Double might be what you are looking to get, and you must have an idea of how these things fold—taking walks, working out, going shopping, or going places. While it might sound like a nuisance and tiring, the ideal solution is a BOB Stroller.

These jogging strollers are the most valuable, and you can take them anywhere. All BOB strollers have ample cargo space directly under the stroller. Reading through this piece, you will fold a bob stroller.

What Is a BOB Stroller?

The BOB Twin stroller is a standard product, but you may know the BOBs when you see it. Many off-road strollers need help to identify. BOB strollers were created for people who enjoy life. BOB does not offer any umbrella strollers.

Instead, hope for the best to walk, hike, and even spend a few days on the water. The wheel is designed for off-road riding. There are many different types you can choose from that will suit your chosen activity.

Key Features of BOB Strollers

Even non-walking parents praise BOB strollers for the swivel function of the rear wheels and their parking brakes. They are lovely to take with you when running errands or even going to the mall. Many applaud how easy it is to turn and maneuver.

 Padding and comfort

The BOB stroller padding and comfort are perfect for babies and don’t hurt anyone. Besides adjusting the handles, the stroller handles are adjustable to fit the children’s height. The levers can be changed depending on the position of the arm. It can protect children from accidents or injuries. The system parking brake is another feature that makes this stroller a breeze.


The suspension combines air-filled tires with mountain bike-style shocks built into the frame. This makes it perfect for jogging or running on uneven terrains like gravel or bumpy roads. You’ll be glad that this jogging stroller can fit through narrow doorways and tight corners. The BOB’s larger wheels of the stroller also offer an ultra-smooth ride, making it easy to push with any weight.

Large Storage Space

You probably know how important storage space is in a stroller. Incidentally, that’s one of the reasons why parents love BOBs. This BOB had two seat pockets inside, a large pocket on the back, and a colossal luggage basket under both seats. The BOB twin stroller now offers more space, and the basket is easily accessible from the rear and both sides, even when the seats are fully reclined.

Types of BOB strollers

The market is full of different strollers, which can lead to confusion. Fortunately, BOB offers you the opportunity to find different sizes and a wide range of compatible accessories so that you can choose the BOB stroller that best suits your needs.

BOB double strollers usually have a larger canopy for the baby’s comfort. Another has attached car seats that can easily be switched out when your baby outgrows them. Whatever you choose, find the best fit for your child.

Each model is different

There are many different models. The design was intended as an off-road stroller. Bob Systems’ design goes beyond the standard children’s hood and combines the comfort of an ergonomic seating arrangement yet compact due to the bob stroller compact fold design.

Bob strollers usually carry one child, and some carry two kids together. Most importantly, a suspension of your BOB stroller system is visible from afar and allows for unhindered jogging.

How to close the BOB Twin stroller?

All double strollers feature harnesses that provide comfort for babies. These double bob strollers’ padding and comfort are perfect for babies, and they don’t hurt anyone. Aside from adjusting the handles of your BOB stroller, the stroller handles are adjustable to children’s height.

The levers can be changed depending on your arm position. It’s going to stop your baby from getting lost. Although bob gear may not be perfect, it can protect children against accidents or injury.

Collapse the double jogging stroller or fold the double stroller as the same stroller was folded in the same size. It is possible to close this stroller differently.

Since this double stroller can be folded, larger trunk space is required for this style of stroller. The total weight is only 33.1 pounds, and it can hold two kids up to 25 pounds each.

An additional booster seat can be exchanged, including any BOB or Britax child seat accessory. This is ideal for small infants who are not yet ready to sit upright. If you could fold a bob stroller, you would fold the double type.

Folding Up A Single BOB Stroller

After disassembling your BOB stroller and installing the parking brake, the stroller’s folding depends mainly on the jogging stroller model.

On a typical stroller, find it easy to press down on the handlebars and slide the handles out. Once connected, a small button will appear behind them. If you push it, your jogging stroller will collapse.

To fold a bob stroller can be simple; if you follow the product manual and an article like this, it’s just a little discrepancy, whether double or single.

Can you fold Bob stroller with an adapter?

Yes. You can fold a bob stroller with an adapter. These Jogging stroller snack trays have a locking mechanism that holds them securely when the stroller is placed on its back and folded.

If you have or are considering purchasing one of these types of BOBs, be sure to get the adapter.

You can’t use car seats with this stroller unless you have an adapter, so keep that in mind when making the right choice for your needs.

How do you fold Bob Twin Stroller with a Car Seat Adapter?

To collapse this stroller is always challenging. Parents who purchase a Bob Pram with single or double stroller models will immediately see two separate connection holes for adapters already installed on the back of the car seat attachments. The car seat adapter strap can slide through the hole and catch on the other sides.

BOB stroller has a removable knob to release the adapter rod holder knobs on each side. Adapter bars can now fit a seat in a car seat. You might have to fold the jogging stroller to get it out. It doesn’t bother me if my adapter bar is still closed.

Things to remember when collapsing this Double Jogging Stroller

Before you fold the stroller, Think of things you need to think about that can cause problems folding this all-terrain pro jog stroller. This section will help you safely take off the bob stretcher.

Each model is different.

Reading through this section, remember that these general guides will work with most models.

If not, they give you a good starting point for figuring out how to fold your BOB stroller. However, some models exceed these values, so you may need to search the internet for your specific jog stroller model number.


Most BOB Jogging strollers fold much more quickly than you might think. We have simple steps to fold your BOB. This will ensure that you fold your BOB correctly to protect it and prevent wrong folding.

As our journey to demystify the art of folding BOB Double Strollers comes to a close, we hope you’ve found solace in the simplicity of the process. Folding your stroller shouldn’t feel like deciphering a complex code, it should be as intuitive as the joy you share with your little ones. 

From the revolutionised motion of the Revolution Flex to the agile folding mechanism of the Duallie, each BOB Double Stroller model has its own unique charm. So, the next time your adventure concludes, and it’s time to fold the stroller, remember these steps, and let the convenience be a testament to the remarkable journeys you’ve embarked upon with your loved ones. And if you haven’t bought one yet, find a Bob double stroller sale near you. Happy shopping, strolling and folding!

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