How to Use Your Jogging Stroller Correctly

Jogging Stroller

It is very important that you are careful when you are using your jogging stroller. You need to know how to use it safely. Knowing how to properly use the stroller will ensure your comfort and your baby’s safety. Not everyone can use a jogging stroller. The age of a child is a huge consideration. A baby younger than six months should not be carried in a jogging stroller while you run.

Are there exceptions? Yes, a baby younger than six months may be carried in a stroller if the equipment has a seat adapter which will support the head and neck of the child. A baby younger than six months should not be bounced around much. A seat adapter will help protect the baby and avoid too much bouncing.

Jogging Stroller

Many jogging strollers feature permanently fixed wheel, but there are a few that offers to swivel front wheel. These things have levers that you can adjust to fasten or unfasten the wheel. Of course, you need to remember to lock the front wheel every time you go jogging with your baby. This is very important because this prevents sudden swerving that can cause the baby to fall off or the carriage to crash.

If you are going to buy a jogging stroller. Make sure you get one that features basket where you can store baby stuff including diapers, water bottles, baby wipes, milk bottles, stuffs toys or books that will help keep your child occupied while you run. Make sure that you always bundle your child to keep her warm. Remember that you will be running and will most likely be sweating.


Running will keep you warm, but your child will likely be exposed to rough weather, so make sure he or she is dressed in thick clothes and bundled up during cold or windy days. During the summer, you have to make sure that he or she is protected with sunscreen. When it is particularly hot or cold, make sure that you keep your run short. Just get your heart pumping for an hour at most and call it quits.

You also have to make sure that the harness is secure. This will keep your child safe. The likelihood of his or her falling off or shaken is minimized or eliminated. This will also prevent your child from getting out of the stroller or having his or her small fingers or feet stuck in the wheels.

Make sure that your baby is well-fed before you run, so he or she will likely be sleepy and your run can lull your child to sleep. Your baby can throw a fuss or a tantrum if you try to. Install her in the stroller before her meal. He or she won’t be as cooperative and your baby will likely cry and would try to get out of the stroller.

When you go running using your jogger stroller, you should try to keep your speed at a minimum speed, so you can easily stop when you need to. You will likely find it hard to control the stroller if you are running fast. This is actually a sensible tip. One of the many tips that you should take note of if you are thinking of taking up running or going back to running.


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