How to Pick the Best Triple Stroller: Buying Guide 2021

How to Pick the Best Triple Stroller

When you have multiple children, especially three young children with a closer age gap or possibly triplets to move around with, whether you are indoor or outside, the stroller can be an escape from stress, and you can as well guarantee the safety of your children.

The triple stroller might be a needed item, not necessarily a luxury.

The Triple Stroller

However, they are not cheap. Some three-seater trolleys are like school buses full of bowling balls on a crazy mini-golf course.

But we review, analyze and check some of the best three-wheel trolleys on the market to help you make an informed decision and find the trolley that best suits your family’s needs.

Some of the experiences I had triple stroller are lifesaving, and all triple stroller solves the problem of carrying multiple children.

However, only a few of them has easy maneuverability or a design that distributes weight evenly. And a triple stroller that can offer these features is the triple stroller side-by-side.

Double strollers оr triple strollers саn tаkе uр muсh Space! Whеn you choosing a stroller fоr уоur twins оr triplets think аbоut thе Size оn уоur car. And dоn’t forget tо make ѕurе уоu’vе gоt Space tо store it in уоur house оr garage if needed.

How to get the best Triple Stroller Side by Side

One of those things to consider is the Tire: This will determine the smooth movement of your tire and how maneuverable it is.

Small and hard tires:

These types of tires are the most known. They are often made of hard plastic, easy to bear, and are not suitable for bumpy surfaces. These strollers’ types are great for those who only use their strollers inside the home.

Hybrid tires:

These tires are common in luxury baby strollers. They feature an outer layer of hard plastic with a layer of foam in the interior. The idea is that these wheels offer the same control over rough terrain as off-road without worrying about tire deflation.

All-terrain tires:

These tires are commonly used in racing and all-terrain strollers. As they work like normal bicycle tires, they do very well off the road. You should be mindful of a deflated tire from time to time, just like a normal bicycle tire.

The weight of the stroller is a crucial factor for everyone, however, particularly for city dwellers, shopping mall crawlers, and joggers. If you walk around town, carrying a stroller in and out of the car regularly, or run, you will need to push that stroller for long periods with a 5-to-50-pound child in it.

When testing a stroller, fold and lift it up. If you choose a lightweight stroller, you would be able to push it conveniently for a long period and also must be able to lift it in and out of the car easily.

Weight Capacity:

There is a need for you to check whether the stroller can support the weight of three children. The moment you understand this, we suggest you keep two things in mind. First, you need to ensure whether this capacity allows extra weight, such as baby goods, diapers, and other items. Also, you should consider the time you intend to use the stroller (Peg Perego Stroller). If you plan to use it for a long time, you need to keep this in mind and ensure that the weight capacity is flexible enough to ensure that your children grow with it.

Foldability & compact size:

A triple stroller cannot really be left standing all day, stored beneath the stairs or in the corridor, as would be possible with a single piece of furniture.

Due to their size, triple strollers should be stored away when it’s not being used. The folding capacity and small dimensions of a baby stroller are two of the essential things to consider when making a purchase.

How big is the closet or suitcase in which the stroller would be placed? Can you easily fold the stroller, or is it particularly complicated? If you take your children home and you are all tired, you wouldn’t want to waste time storing the stroller away.

Reclining Positions:

As your child’s mood cannot be predicted, there is a need to prepare ahead for any situation that may arise. If a child wants to take a nap and the two others want to look around, the seat positions should give room for that.

Check if the seat of your stroller can be reclined separately. This is typically a standard configuration of a stroller with a horizontal seat. Seats arranged vertically (one opposite the other) limit the reclining ability of the seat.

Tandem Vs. Side-by-Side

The primary difference between the two designs is the size. The tandems are longer, and the side-by-side models feature a wider size.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice of style is dependent on your preference.

In general, tandem strollers are compact and can be folded easily. They are highly multifunctional as they can function as a single, double or triple stroller by addition or removal of seats. Also, most of them are related to the installation of car seats.

On the other hand, you may need to monitor weight distribution on some tandem models on some tandem models to avoid tipping over.

Side-by-side models are wider, heavier, and not so compact. A triple stroller is not easy to handle, while some can be tiring.

However, when it comes to space, they are an excellent choice. All children can sit comfortably with plenty of legroom. They are also durable and thrive on uneven terrain and walking trails.

Bebelove triple jogging stroller 

Bebelove triple jogging stroller 
Bebelove triple Stroller

Consider while choosing Bebelove triple jogging stroller

of those times, you will need a stroller with over one seat is when you have triplets, twin, or you have over two toddlers with a closer age range.

However, choosing a multiple-seat stroller might not be easy as it seems, as there are a lot of factors involves. My experience with strollers has opened my eyes to the various difficulties parents experience while choosing a stroller.

While growing up, my uncle had a boy and twin. Getting these kids around is difficult until he tried buying a triple stroller. At first, the stroller was helpful, although it was bulky, and the wife couldn’t carry it without him.

Braking System

However, at a point, the stroller started having faults. It started with the braking system, parking and stopping the stroller became difficult, when on a faster pace, such as jogging.

They introduced him to the Bebelove triple Jogging stroller, and it turned out to be better. Why?

This exclusive and durable kids’ jogger has improved braking performance. There are two hand brakes that are accessible on the handles. The parking brake and foot brake are effective when parking the stroller in a hilly park.

Besides the excellent safety function, I also like this BeBeLove because of its side-by-side design. It is perfect for older children who like to interact with each other.

peg perego triplette
peg perego triplette
Budget and portability

The first thing to consider before buying any product is your budget, having a specific budget prevents you from overspending, and that’s why you need to always stick to your total.

Having the right budget will make your decisions clearer and more reliable. You will select the right stroller for you and your children. In addition, check, is it portable? Look at the wheels. Is it easy to push?

Does the stroller feature a parking brake for most maneuverability? Is the handle safe and sturdy to protect your child on the road? You should consider this if you want to have fun and enjoyment.

Safety and seat recline

For heavy strollers, braking is essential because it will be difficult for you to catch the stroller when you are losing the stroller, most triple strollers have different braking options.

So combine them with your landscape (terrain), extra brakes, and stronger brakes are your best choice when you are in a hill region.

They recalled many of the strap-related products in the past with harnesses because they are safer. If you and your partner have different heights, adjustable handlebars maybe your safety needs. Some strollers feature adjustable handles that will perfect for both of you.

The Stroller comes with a bar location; you need to test or read the instructions manual. Decide, is it suitable for you?

Another height consideration is whether seeing over the stroller is possible for you. Triple strollers use stadium seating over other seats, which makes them tall. Please check the size of the stroller you purchased, if you are a little shorter, the stroller can’t be too big, you need to look around it

A reclining system for the stroller is also important. Therefore, you must study it. This will keep babies upright and secure in their seats. Finding these few resources is sure to make your trip enjoyable.


You shouldn’t choose any stroller without considering comfortable support for your baby, traveling is fun when the support part is being taken care of.

This will ensure that your kids are comfortable, hence, go for strollers with incredible coverage, padding, and energy-absorbing foam padding.

The large canopy protects your little ones from harmful external influences, they prevent your children from being harmed by strong sunlight, raindrops, and uncontrolled dust particles.

Inspect the padding, is it soft, is it comfortable? The soft padding and incredible foam cushion will keep your little child in the seat. Which always gives the best comfort.


If you have three children, you might not have the most balanced stroller, as it’s difficult to disperse weight. To minimize this risk, you need to make sure that the stroller you have chosen is stable.

To determine stability, check the wheels on the images read our summary, the width of the wheelbase will determine its stability (the wider the stability).

You also need to check the style of the wheels and the storage space of the stroller, only the storage at the back can make the rear heavier and increase the possibility of tipping over. Storage and baskets at the bottom of the entire stroller will make it more stable. Basket positioned lower can be helpful.

Why you choose Bebelove triple jogging stroller

The unique selling point for most consumers has always been the price. The Strollers seem to be more for jogging, and the same as all strollers, they work best when the tires are full of air.

Users also like the stroller seat because it adapts well to children and can tilt backward, the stroller’s level of comfort is high.

This stroller can be folded, and three children can sit together, this is good for the price because many strollers with these features are more expensive.

All-terrain air fixed tires with fixed front wheels.

The air-fixed tires come in handy in taking on different terrains while upholding baby comfort.

Besides, it has fixed front wheels that allow streamlining jogging, this feature combination allows you to jog while ensuring your triplets stay safe and comfortable.

Sturdy 5-point safety steel harness

Seguso Universal Baby 5 Point Harness Safe Belt Seat Belts
Seguso Universal Baby 5 Point Harness Safe Belt Seat Belts

To ensure your baby’s safety, they equip this model with a 5-point seat harness. To ensure maximum safety, they make it of steel material, making it strong and can support the recommended weight.

Proper storage

Three baskets under seats with three pockets on the back seats, six side pockets. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy running and still make sure that everything you need for your triplets will be at hand.

The storage space is separate, and it’s great for storing everything you and your baby need. Since you have triplets, you have three separate baskets under the seat and pockets on the back seat to store smaller items.

Six side pockets increase comfort and efficiency in terms of range.

Extended removable protective cover

Children are sensitive, and their skin is too fragile to absorb sunlight. In this context, need to give enough shade considering the heat. It comes with a long canopy you can easily remove for cleaning or at sunset so that triplets can have a look at their surroundings.

Hand and foot brakes for safety

As you reach different places, you will deal with different terrains, especially the rough ones. Hand & foot- brakes positioned to make sure that you are to decrease potential accidents while you run.

Features of Bebelove triple jogger stroller

The Bebelove Triple Stroller features a lightweight steel frame to increase the safety of your kids. Besides the double hand brake, the stroller features a foot brake and park brake.

The stroller is a combination of safety and comfort, as each reclining seat has a 5-point safety harness for most safety. In order to make the stroller more comfortable, it has retractable coverage to shield your kids from the sunlight and other elements.

Each seat includes a sun visor, which can allow parents to check on children as they jog. The individual seat comes with a sun visor which enables parents to check their children while jogging.

Parents don’t need to worry about extra bags. There’s plenty of storage space beneath the three seats, pockets on the back seats, and cup holders.

Features at a glance
  • Seat with individual tilt adjustment
  • Storage pockets on both sides of the seat
  • Five-point seat belt
  • Retractable canopy
  • The sun visor is removable.
  • Individual set sunroofs
  • A spacious storage basket under the stroller
  • Jogging strap for parent
  • Fully foldable for storage and travels


  • Steel tire rims are strong and durable.
  • Full brake cover both at the top and bottom
  • Plenty of storage space for individual seat
  • Folded fits into the car.
  • Features a footrest for kids
  • The non-rotating front wheels ensure easy and seamless steering.
  • Easy to squeeze and use when running
  • Large inflatable wheels ensure smooth sliding.


  • When completely expanded, the stroller can be bulky.

Choosing a triple stroller requires putting some factors into considerations, as you wouldn’t want to spend money on something that will inconvenience you and your kids.

Bebelove triple jogging stroller is an ideal triple stroller for every parent. Before making your purchase, you can go over the review above to get familiar with the stroller.

O Baby Mercury Triple Buggy

OBaby Mercury Triple Buggy Stroller
OBaby Mercury Triple Buggy

The British have always been good with stroller o design and pram design, and this baby stroller is not different.

This side-by-side triple stroller is lighter in weight and has independently adjustable rear seats that can support children irrespective of age, from newborns to young children (maximum weight of the seat is 33 lb.).

The Disadvantage

is that the O Baby has a width of 43 inches, so it cannot be pass through a standard door. This stroller can withstand any weather, rain, or light. This triple stroller has a cover to keep the body dry.

On sunny days, the seat cover can be adjusted to offer maximum shade. You can also purchase a separate UV protection screen that snaps into place to clip in and out and sits on a flexible rod that is easily adjustable.

An excellent thing

about Mercury is that the maneuverability is easy for one or two people. If a parent finds they are walking alone, they just need to use the middle two handles.

Due to the limited storage space on board this machine, the open handle may provide the option to hang excess luggage, which is very helpful.


There are many triple strollers; however, they come in both tandem or side-by-side design. We have carefully considered both designs and find out that a side-by-side stroller is the best option.

Going through doorways, taking stairs, and easily running with multiple babies only becomes easier with a side-by-side stroller. You can go through the necessary factors to consider while choosing a triple stroller side-by-side stroller, and making a choice would be easier.