Is A Jogging Stroller Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know

Jogging Stroller Safe,Baby Jogging Stroller

If you like to jog or run in the great outdoors, think about a jogging stroller’s safe. Also known as a jogging stroller, the key difference between this type of stroller and a regular one is that it has just one wheel up front and two in the back.

That front wheel will have a lock to keep it secure when going faster while the rubber air-filled tires grip the terrain with precision.

Are Jogging Strollers Safe?

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Not to worry, Mom! Jogger strollers are safe, though choosing a highly rated brand that has the proper safety features in place will ensure a smooth ride on any surface.

You should make sure you look for the following when shopping for a jogging stroller:

Front-wheel lock–This feature keeps the swiveling front wheel from swiveling, a must for when you plan to jog or run.

Adjustable handle–Getting your stroller handle in an excellent position makes it easier for you to grip no matter how fast or slow you’re going.

Safety strap–For an extra measure of protection, choose a jogger that has a safety strap that goes around your wrist. Even if you vow to grip that handle with the force of eagle talons, things can happen. You don’t want that stroller rolling away from you, especially on an incline or decline.

Foot brake–Having a foot brake allows you to lock things in place while keeping your hands free.

Safety harness–It’s hard to find a jogging stroller these days that doesn’t have a 5-point safety harness system. It’s one of the most important features for keeping the baby safe and sound.

Tips for Keeping Your Little One’s Safe in a Jogger Stroller

With those safety features, you have extra protection for your baby or toddler. However, there are things you can do as a parent to further enhance safety.

Everyone knows all it takes is one second for an accident to happen. By practicing proper safety habits with your jogging strollers safe, you’ll minimize the potential for disaster.

Always buckle your child,

Make it a habit that as soon as you place your child in your jogging stroller, you buckle up the 5-point safety harness straight away. Before ever using the stroller, it helps to adjust the straps so that they fall in line with the shoulders and lap. The fit should be snug, yet comfortable.

And as babies and children grow quickly, make sure you’re adjusting those straps to fit with each growth spurt. It might have been a perfect fit 3 weeks ago, but now you will have to change it again.

Don’t leave sleeping children in your jogger stroller

It’s certainly a welcome moment of respite when the baby falls asleep, but it’s not safe to leave a baby or toddler in a stroller unattended. If you simply can’t bear to move your slumbering little one, move the stroller to a safe place, lock the wheels, and stay where you can keep your eyes on them.

Know your stroller’s limits

There are so many jogging strollers out there that you’ll have plenty to choose from. While they all may have enhanced safety features to keep up with the most current safety guidelines, they might all vary on weight limit.

They had design some for newborns up to 50lbs. Others will only be safe for children between 15lbs and 50lbs.

You may see weight limits less than that too. Always check before purchasing to know how long you can safely use that jogger.

If you’re in any doubt, any stroller that can’t recline (jogger or otherwise) is unsafe for babies that can’t sit up on their own (newborn to 6 months).

Always check your tires,

Jogger strollers have air-filled rubber tires. That means, much like your car, you’ll need to check them prior to using them every single time.

If the air seems low, fill your tires up. Roll the wheels along slowly and look for any punctures so you can confidently go out running or jogging with your little one in tow.

Say “yes” to that wrist strap

With this added safety feature on newer models, it’s another layer of protection for you and your child. It’s best to choose a jogging stroller that has this feature to prevent the stroller from ever rolling out of your grasp.

If you live in an area with many slopes and inclines, you shouldn’t consider a jogger without it.

Make use of those lockable wheels

Your jogger stroller should have a swivel front wheel that can lock. Practice before you go anywhere so that you get it right. If you’re going for a slow, controlled walk, things should be fine with the swivel going.

However, speed walking and anything faster requires locking it into place to avoid mishaps. Also, lockable wheels are very important for jogging strollers safe.

Some models will have lockable back wheels too, which help along with the parking brake. It’s important to always use these features, even when the ground looks flat and level to you.

Always check the manufacturing date

The more recent the date of manufacture on your jogging stroller, the more likely it complies with the latest safety regulations. Watch for any recalls, too. It helps to tuck the manual away so you can make sure everything stays safe and up to date on the jogging stroller you own.

Jogger strollers are an excellent choice for active families. They allow you to hit the trails and dazzle your little one with the wonders of nature while keeping your health a top priority.

As long as you choose one that has all the latest safety features and practices safe usage, you’ll have nothing to worry about anywhere you go!

Final Words to Is A Jogging Stroller Safe?

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