BOB Ironman Stroller – Is This Right Option for You?

BOB Ironman Stroller

You just had a baby, and you lead an active style. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you can’t do all the things you love.

For example, if you love to jog, it doesn’t mean you have to get a babysitter to take a few laps around the blog with the BOB Ironman Stroller. You can make your baby with you, and you won’t have to worry about the stroller slowing you down.

BOB Ironman Stroller Features

So, what makes the BOB Ironman Stroller different from other BOB strollers? What makes it so perfect for jogging? Well, the main difference between this and other BOB strollers is the size and style of the wheels. Instead of the rims being heavy plastic, they are metal wire, and the wheels are more significant to allow for higher speeds and easier maneuverability over even the roughest terrain.

This stroller features a swiveling front wheel function that provides a 3-wheeled stroller that is much easier to maneuver and steer than jogging strollers. This swivel function can then be locked forward to offer more control while jogging or taking on tougher terrain. This multi-function stroller is a perfect solution for those wanting a stroller for both outdoor activities as well as meandering through shops and malls.

The front wheel is fixed, which makes it have better stability over rough terrain and also helps to minimize the risk of the stroller tipping due to the front wheel turning sideways. The BOB Ironman Stroller is equipped with a ‘jogging leash’ to ensure that the stroller never gets away from you when you are going higher speeds.

Is it Worth the Money?

If you have ever checked out the BOB Ironman Stroller online, you already know that it is certainly not cheap. At around $450 for the base stroller without any of the additional accessories. You want to make sure that it is worth it. To do this. : Check out some online reviews written by parents. Just like you, who have children, they want to have the best of everything. Here is an example of something that is about the BOB strollers.

“I have a 9-month-old and a Great Dane that I like to walk/ jog at the same time. This stroller made it possible without jerking my baby and me around. It’s so smooth, and when I lock the front wheel, I don’t have to worry about running into other joggers on the trail if my dog pulls away slightly.”

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As you can see, other joggers and those with an active lifestyle also quite enjoy the Ironman stroller. If you need a stroller that will allow you to remain active and bring your child along for the ride, then the Ironman is an excellent choice.

Buying the BOB Ironman Stroller

To obtain the BOB Ironman Stroller, ensure you always look it up and purchase it from a trusted source. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of being scammed by a company that sells an inferior product.

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